Monday, October 12, 2009

Tim Gunn is my co-pilot.

I'm still truckin'. I'm still working hard. I'm "making it work,"and like Rebecca at Durch Dick und Duenn, I'm recommitting every day.

My new gym is still the greatest thing that's happened to me lately. It's new, it's exciting, and it kicks my ass. I am working out harder than I have in close to a year, and I'm loving every sweat-dripping second of it.

I had some "unplanned" eating yesterday. I am taking Dr. Beck's suggestion and not using the word "bad." It wasn't a "bad" eating day, there were merely some surprise twists and turns on my eating path. I tracked every single little bite and morsel (like the 4tbsp of peanut butter out of the jar) and still have tons of flex and activity points to make up for it, a simple reminder that every day will not be a ridiculously strict and scripted one. In fact, most of them aren't.

As it gets closer and closer to Wednesday, my weigh in day, I gain more and more momentum and excitement to jump on the scale. I've pushed myself this week in the gym and in the kitchen. I've said "no" to so many things, and rather than lament the fact that I "can't" eat them, I celebrate that I've chosen not to eat them. Credit where credit is due. Maintaining a positive outlook.

I decided to bring some "Before" pictures to my Weight Watchers meeting this week. I know that I can use the boost, the reminders, of how far I've come, but I also truly enjoy seeing other people's progress and remembering that this can be done. That many men and women have done it before me and many men and women will do it after me. Any part I can play in encouraging the people who feel as if they've "got so far to go" to keep going is one I am obligated to.

Remember that this is a new week. If you had some "unplanned" eating this weekend, start over. Right now, no matter what. You can turn this day around, and this day will inspire the next, and so on. When you hit a bump, let it go. Every second is another chance to start over.


totegirl said...

YES! Sometimes, when I see something that looks good but is not worth it, I just say, "That looks good, but it's not MY food." Sometimes that's all it takes to steer me to make better choices! We can't all live in a bubble, but we can say no when it's just not worth it!

Lor said...

i am so proud of you, nic. i can learn so much from you. you are truly inspiring! while im not as excited to jump on the scale tonight at WI, i am more excited this week than last, hah.

help me learn how to say 'no'! :) i need to be more mindful of what i'm putting into my body.

do you have a food scale? i can't remember if we've talked about this before. i am greatly trying to decide if i should get one.. this might help me with portion control. anyway, yeah. heh.

Holly L. said...

Well you certainly got me thinking. Perhaps this weekend's reading material will include the Beck Diet. Congratulations on a fantastic week. I love the positive thought progression about food. I could certainly use a little more positive thoughts in my head. Yesterday, I actually had to convince myself that the custard tart my boyfriend brought home wouldn't taste very good to stay away from it. Success by any means! I hope your weigh in pays you back for all that work!