Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thweet Thursday.

What a weigh in! I lost two whole pounds and I deserved each of them. I can't even begin to describe how fantastic this feels, especially because it TRULY is harder to lose once you're down to the wire. I have 7.4lbs left to goal and the way things are going, I really think I can pull it off before the end of the year.

The motivated side of me wants to make that a goal and the logical side of me is fighting it. I have never set date goals on weight. I'm realistic in the fact that I have no idea how my body is going to respond to the things I do, even after 2 years on this program. I have been known to gain 5lbs in a week by only going a few points over, and lose 1lb after eating mass amounts. I'm unpredictable. However, I'll keep it as a goal in the back of my mind.

Today is going to be a much needed day off. I have been literally kicking my own ass at my new gym. I have worked out there every single day since I joined, and each day I leave dripping with sweat and soaked to the core. My legs feel like they might explode through my jeans, in a good way, not in an overstuffed way. I'm not sure I could accomplish anything if I tried, my glute and hamstring muscles are so tight I'm finding it difficult to walk. Today is a stretch day, and I might give the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD I got from Jessica a try.

I'm walking in to the danger zone tonight, kids. The CityPages, a hip weekly circular here in the Twin Cities is throwing their Iron Fork competition and I won tickets. As a total foodie, I love going to local chef presentations and competitions, so this is something I will love, however, I always find it extremely difficult to stay on track. I've devised a plan. There are going to be MANY MANY exhibitors offering samples of their restaurants' deliciousness. Many of these things I will have had before, so I've set a limit to the amount of things I can eat.

I can have 6 mouthfuls out what will surely be more than 100 choices. This will keep me on track by forcing me to peruse all my choices, nominate the top ones and decide if this is something I "MUST HAVE" or just something I want. Of course, none of it is something I "MUST HAVE" but by using the words "MUST HAVE" I really mean "something I would never ever put the effort in to making myself, therefore I MUST HAVE it because I'll never get this chance again."

6 mouthfuls and a glass of wine. I've budgeted 15 points, which will hardly be enough, but I figure if I can manage those "mouthfuls" into half a mouthful by sharing with Justin, I may be able to escape unharmed. The back up plan is that tomorrow I am running the course for my Monster Dash 5k and taking the dreaded crazy Spin class at the gym. These 2 things together will most likely earn about 11-12 APs, which just might make up for it and give me a clean slate.

I also vow to do my best to accurately track what I'm eating by taking photos of the little signs explaining each dish. That way, when I get home, I can't play dumb. I can't "forget" that it had cheese.

I still feel like I'm in a great place. I'm excited to have today off from fitness but I feel a little itchy for the gym, just knowing that I'm not going. I think it will make me have a better workout tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

i'm so excited for you!! 7 and some is ssssoooo close!!!

starfish264 said...

Hey Nic, thanks so much for your comment - you are of course totally right about the photos, I think it's just that I'm still trying to work past the regrets of not doing this for myself earlier in my 20's - kind of a mourning of the lost years when I let it hold me back. I should view it more of a reminder of why I won't be going back there instead, and I'm sure in time that will come more naturally. You've done so well with only 7lbs left to go, and I like what you say about never placing a time goal on something, because like you I find my losses to be very unpredictable and i'm just adding on unnecessary pressure. Will look forward to seeing you reach your goal, and hopefuly I won't be far behind! Love your thrift-store antics by the way - you've had some great finds!

Lor said...

holy crap, nic, i am SO excited for you! keep up the good work, you inspiring doll!! :)

Del said...

7 pounds!!! you are so close! I am so excited for you!!! great job working out, I desperately need to get my butt back to the gym, thanks for the inspiration.

Glam said...

ack! working out for 2 years and you're still not a size 8?! stop depressing me!!! ha.

btw- i checked out your gym's website. HS, I'm in love! How awesome is that place?! looks like a blast.