Friday, October 9, 2009


On Tuesday I won tickets to see Yo La Tengo, a band I used to be extremely in to about 9 years ago. The show was on Wednesday and I brought my friend Jessica. We went to get sushi before hand and I ate according to my plan and had only one of the two drinks I had planned for the show. #success

After getting only 3 hours of sleep Wednesday night, I headed to work Thursday, walking into an extremely busy day. I tried having peanut butter toast for breakfast, just because I needed to change it up. I now realize that it wasn't enough to sustain me, but it was great I tried something new. I go to work around 6:30am, and at about 10am I realized that it was a mandatory all-staff potluck day. The second Thursday of every month at my organization, we have an all staff potluck. Traditionally, the buffet style table is laden with oily pasta salads and friend chicken, as well as a ridiculous amount and variety of sugary desserts. Normally, I avoid these functions at all costs because it's simply too trying for my willpower. This month, I had to give a presentation, so I was forced to attend. Luckily, I was able to resist my packed snack long enough to bring it to the potluck, seat myself next to a co-worker I love chatting with, and eat it good and slow. I didn't cave to that stupid buffet table at all. #success

Thursday night, I tried a SPINNING class at my new gym. I've been to spin classes before. It was one of the first classes I did at the YWCA when I joined and at 190lbs I burned 1100 calories in the hour, I also barely touched the resistance wheel. This time around, I did everything the instructor instructed. I gave it my all. I was happy the music was loud and thumping because I was literally screaming out loud for a few seconds every couple minutes. I pushed it. In 55 minutes I burned 784 calories. It is HARD for me to burn a lot of calories these days. In cardio classes I generally burn about 450-500 in the hour, even while pushing myself... that's the comparison. I rocked that class. #success

When I got home from the Firm, I started making dinner. Linguine with Asparagus, cremini mushrooms, shallots, garlic, ricotta and perconni. DELICIOUS. I didn't eat while I was cooking, and I measured all my food. #success

I feel great. Today I'm headed over to my mom's in an attempt to get her outside. We're going to (hopefully) walk her little dog. She hasn't been physically active in any way for a very very long time, and every time we make plans, she backs out somehow. I don't have my heart set on walking with her because the pattern would say she'll cancel, but I'm still going to try. After that, I'm headed to Lake Harriet to do a training run for the Monster Dash - the 5k I'm running on Halloween morning.

It's going to be a great day.


Rebecca said...

sounds like you've had a lot of success!

keep up the great work, and your mom sounds a lot like my's tiring for sure!

totegirl said...



antgirl said...

Great to hear of all your successes. Way to go!

100in12 said...

you did so great in the face of so many temptations!!! nicely done :-) definitely inspiring to read because the every day stuff is the hardest to overcome/resist sometimes!