Saturday, October 10, 2009

Step Saturday Pysche-out

I'm trying to convince myself to do what I planned to do this morning, which is try my first Step class ever. The reason why it's so intimidating is because it's one of the most popular classes at my new gym and the description leaves a lot to be terrified about. I've been feeling somewhat uncoordinated lately, which is half the reason why I'm so nervous.

The initial class of a new variety is the most intimidating. You're walking into a room of people who already know what they're doing... and you have no clue. I guarantee I'll be turning the wrong directions, step up when they're stepping down and I could quite possibly collapse in a tired heap on the floor, but I need to go. You don't get to be one of the people who knows what they're doing unless you go to that first class.

Take the first step... literally.

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