Sunday, October 4, 2009


I get to park here.

I get to park here because this morning I ran 7 miles. I get to park here because I have been working diligently on staying on track but indulging enough to stay sane. I get to park here because I have fantastic friends who level with me and give me the truth, push me to work harder and meet me where I'm at.

I'm a rockstar.

I have to post these things here as awkward as it feels to sing my own praises. It's an important part of this journey, learning to give yourself credit for the things you are doing well, things you are doing right, and remember that this is the way you will BE. This is me.

This new me LOVED running 7 miles, even when she hated it. The reason I ran this morning was to get to a spot on the Twin Cities Marathon course so I could cheer on my sister who is running 26 miles today. I cried almost the whole way through. I was screaming and cheering people on. People I didn't know. People with their names written on their arms, or perhaps they were reduced to the color shirt they were wearing, it didn't matter. I cheered for them because I can't imagine running 26 miles at once. I can't imagine the strength and mental stamina that takes. I can't imagine the incredible feeling of accomplishment when you reach the finish line. I'm so whole-heartedly impressed with anyone who can run a marathon, I don't care if it takes you 8 hours, you're amazing.

Today is a great day. A great day that will only continue to grow better by spending time with my girlfriends at a Clothing Swap, where I get to rid myself of things that no longer fit or just aren't "me" and grab myself some new swag free of cost. There is a lot of self-esteem building conversation at these swaps, complimenting each other on how amazing we look in clothing. It has to be a positive environment, because it's difficult to gather a bunch of women in their underwear, women of various sizes, ages, shapes, etc.. and try not to compare yourself to the others in the room. These are my friends, they are not me. I am someone and somewhere else. I do not need to be there. I am here. I am me.

This evening we are celebrating another marathon accomplished by my sister with Bush Jam VI! A bonfire slash musical potluck. Everyone brings their instruments (from cowbell to soprano voices) and we play tunes, drink beer and just hang out at Bush Lake. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to fill my thermos with diet hot cocoa and indulge a bit in a delicious growler of Oatmeal Stout that Justin brought back from a recent trip to Wisconsin.

It's a good day people. How's yours?

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