Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Narrow Escape.

I had myself all worked up this morning, whining to Jessica about how horrific my Weigh In is going to be since I'm suffering from TOMsyndrome. I was considering going to the meeting and not weighing in at all because I didn't want the GIGANTIC gain to waver my motivation and general awesomeness that has been the past few weeks.

I bucked up, shut up, headed to the meeting and got on the scale.

A measly .8 gain. That's all water, and I know there's a loss under it and I can't WAIT to weigh in next week and see what it's going to be.

In the meantime, I have a few challenges coming up this week. We're having dinner at my Mom's on Friday night, which poses two problems: 1) I don't know what we're having, but I always bring a "safe" dish so I can at least count on that 2) It forces me to miss my 5pm Spin class I like to go to.

There are easy solutions to this one. First, I call my mom and ask what we're having and/or tell her what I'd like to have. Simple. Solved. Second, I do something else on Friday. I've decided to go for a training run in the morning, rain or shine, and then head to a very scary Circuit Training class.

Scary? Yes. I have seen women with rock hard bodies come out of this class looking like they're going to puke, sweating head to toe and breathing like oxen. I'm terrified, but it sounds like JUST the class to kick my ass before an unpredictable dinner. What do you think?

The next challenge is that Sunday we are taking Eli to Boo Bash on Grand Avenue, an outdoor trick or treating festival for kiddos and their families. There's going to be candy. There's going to be travelling candy that makes its way into our kitchen. There are rules against Eli eating too much candy, which means the candy will sit there.... out in the open, where I could get it.

What do I do?


Lor said...

The new training class thingy -- DO IT! look at all of the physical stuff you do that i nor tons of other people could do! i think you can do it! you're always up for a challenge ;) think of how many calories you could burn!

as for the candy, if E has rules about eating it and you guys are good with sticking to that -- think about why those rules are implemented for him. (i have no idea what the rules are, but if any of them surround around the idea that candy is bad for you, then limit yourself, too :p) sure, it's tempting. but you are doing SOO well. you are SUCH an inspiration. seriously. you rule, man.

pick a piece of candy that you cannot possibly live without and indulge. otherwise, you can by tootsie rolls, reeses cups, hersheys, etc., any day of the week. the candy will always be there - you dont have to eat it now!

KEEP IT UP, FRIEND! **hugs**

nic said...

Man, that's such good advice. I'm totally serious too, not being a jerk.

It's so easy to forget WHY Eli can't have more than a few pieces of candy - because it's full of sugar and empty calories that don't fuel his little body.

So WHY on earth would I shove myself full of it?

That is REALLY going to help me. Thank you.