Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Food. The Firm.

My arms are extremely sore for the first time in a very long time. I'm so happy I got a chance to mix up my workout last night. I mentioned my Sister bought me a 5 Class Pass to the Firm for my birthday back in July, and I'm only now getting a chance to use them. I went last night, but rather than utilize the 5 Class Pass, I just joined. I need this right now, a new change in scenery. The cost of the 5 Class Pass was applied toward my first month of membership, which also came with a free week and was prorated because it was the 6th... so it cost me literally almost nothing.

Technically, this membership is much more expensive than the YWCA (my current gym), but because I rarely go to the YWCA now, it's still a smart move. Whatever gets you moving, right?

I attended a Bag Boxing class last night. I had my gloves and my wraps and I was ready to go. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I will tell you that it wasn't THIS! The class ended up being more like a bootcamp... a really hard one. It was great though, I really needed to work out that hard. There were 10 stations, and each station had a particular move you must do for 2 minutes. Loud music would be interrupted with a "BEEP" as a signal that you can quit for 30 seconds, followed by a second "BEEP" that would tell you to get your ass back in gear.

Station 1 consisted of punching a bag twice, and then doing a Burpee. Google that if you don't know what it is. Seems simple enough, but gets tiring. 2 minutes is sort of a long time.

Station 2 required jumping lunges.

Station 3 had another boxing bag, which you had to punch quickly and with enough force to keep it at a continual angle. Ted, the teacher, calls this "Bag at Bay."

Station 4 had your choice of 20lb or 30lb medicine balls which you get to hold and squat with. Over and over... for 2 minutes.

Station 5 gets you back at the bag with a 3 punch combo and shuffle. You essentially punch and travel around the bag, keeping it in control with the direction of your punch.

Station 6 had jump ropes. I was happy when I got there, since I have become an intermediate jump roper. It was the one station I felt like I could do better than anyone else in the class... which... isn't that really our goal when we go to the gym? (kidding!)

Station 7 was kindly titled "Steering Wheel" and had a stack of weights... the round ones you stick on the end of bars for benchpressing. You pick it up, hold it straight out in front of your chest at shoulder level, and steer it back and forth, back and forth. Again, sounds simple, but it was SO SO SO hard.

Station 8 was kind of like a break. It was simply a mat on the floor where you can do the ab exercise of your choice.

Station 9 was a trio of boxes set up in a T. Arms up front, toes together on the back. PUSH UPs. On boxes. For 2 minutes!?! Yeah right. I really gave this station everything I've got. I am really pretty horrible at push ups. I refuse to not have good form, so I can only do about 4 before I collapse and die. I did my 4, collapsed, got back up, did 4 more, held a plank position for the rest of the time. The plank is something.

Station 10 was Ted and his mitts. Cross punches. 20 of them. Speed punching. OUCH.
One thing I will say is that I am going back. Another thing I will say is that even though that was really hard, as a beginner, I really stuck in there and I NEVER ONCE QUIT. I had to stop to rest a few times, but I always was back in the game after no more than 4 seconds. 2 minutes, in essence, isn't a ton of time, so taking a break during those 2 minutes seems wasteful, especially when I'll get a whole 30 seconds as soon as I hear that stupid BEEP.

Ok! So I'm a member at the Firm, I'm going to a spin class tomorrow and today I hope to get over there and check out the cardio machines. I saw them on my tour last night, but didn't pay close enough attention. I saw there was a step mill, and that's really all I needed to know.

Here's what I ate yesterday.

Coffee + 1/2 cup Light Soy Milk (.5) + Organic Oatmeal (3)

1 Jolly Rancher (0)

Amy's Mexican Tamale Pie (2) + Cucumbers, Radishes, Carrots (0) + Apple (1)

1/2 cup Stonyfield Farms Low Fat French Vanilla Yogurt (1.5) + 1/4 cup granola (2)

1 mug Sensible Sweets Marshmallow Lovers Cocoa (1)

1 Spicy Black Bean burger (2) on Sandwich Thin (1) + 3/4 cup Yam cubes (2) in 1 tsp oil (1)

Bostom Creme Pie Pudding (1)
Total Points Used: 18.5 (2.5 remain + 6 APs earned)
I normally wouldn't advocate for leaving a deficit of your daily points, but I had a bad couple of days and I'm just trying to implement self control. Don't be like me, unless I'm being good.


Del said...

Sounds like an amazing workout! Your posts always inspire me to get moving, which I desperately need right now! Thank you for reminding me about Amy's Tamale pies, I totally forgot about them, but they were a major staple for me a few years ago. Super yummy!

nic said...

Oh I'm so glad I can inspire you to exercise!! Most days its hard for me to get moving too, so that means a lot.

antgirl said...

What a fabulous workout!

takinitoff said...

those stations would kick my ass! they sound awesome!