Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food Filler Fun.

As I often do when I'm feeling my accountability slipping, yesterday I photographed all my food. It helps me stick to my meal plan, and it reminds me that I'm going to show all of you lovely ladies and gentlemen what I ate, so I better keep it clean because I want to reserve the right to inspire you and motivate you to do what we're all trying to do - eat healthfully.

My morning coffee + 1/2c soy milk = .5

Lower Sugar Oatmeal (2)

Cashew Ginger Carrot soup (2) + toasted flat-out wrap (1)

Jellow SugarFree Cinnamon Rice Pudding (1)

Fav Fruit Salad 1/2 apple 1/2 asian pear 3/4 banana 1/4c Yogurt (3)

Then I made Chili, which I didn't eat.

and went to my Weight Watchers meeting

Carrots and Radishes (0)

Eggplant/Squash/Zucchini Pasta + 1/4 c Cashew Ginger Carrot Soup (5) + Side Spinach with 1tsp Olive Oil (1) and 2 oz Turkey Cutlet (2)

1/2 c Chocolate Pudding + 1/2 c Vanilla Pudding + dollop of Reddi-Whip Free (2)

Total Points = 21.5 (-.5)

Here's to another day of good eatin'.


totegirl said...

YUM! Congrats on your excellent attitude regarding weigh in. Can't wait to see what the loss is next week! You truly do motivate and inspire me, so keep up the great work!

As for quitting smoking, well, you can't do it until you are ready. That being said, it's gross and a waste of money. Plus why are we doing all this healthy stuff to look and feel better, and then we go and pollute our lungs! Dumb! My BFF left you a comment on my blog, but I'll paste it here:

"Nic, I am quitting smoking along with my BFF, Totegirl.

Here's the thought that is helping me....Think about what you are "giving up". Usually that phrase is reserved for something you either enjoy or want to do. Think about it - Do you WANT to keep smoking? Does anyone really ENJOY it?"

Heidi said...

Oooh. That Eggplant/Squash/Zucchini Pasta looks awesome. Did you get the recipe somewhere or just make it up?

Lor said...

i think that jello stuff needs to go on my shopping list because i need good-for-me treats in the house!

antgirl said...

Mmmm. Now I'm hungry.

nic said...

The pasta is just penne made as usual + roasted eggplant, yellow squash and zucchini. Zucchini and yellow squash are officially out of season here in MN and I got the last batch at the farmer's market last weekend and wanted to use it up.

Stick 'em under the broiler for a bit. You can baste them in olive oil or just spray them with stuff. Salt and pepper, that's it. Add them to the penne, toss with olive oil and a little parmesan cheese. Then, in an effort to use up my carton of DELICIOUS cashew ginger carrot soup, I coated them in that and it was a fantastic discovery of deliciousness.

*Irene* said...

Your chili looks delish! ☺