Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 Week Weigh In and Awesome People.

Last night I made it to my Weight Watchers meeting after having missed it for 2 weeks straight. In my head, because I know how touchy my system is and how poorly I ate for those 2 days (and a few days the first week I missed a meeting) I was just hoping to maintain. Essentially, I did that, sneaking by with a little .2lb gain.

When I say I ate "poorly" this week, I simply mean I made bad choices. I still had the points, I just chose really stupid fatty salty foods and beer. I felt hungry a lot and I felt really really swollen. I'm not attempting to console myself or make excuses for my itty bitty gain, there are just always a number of factors.

Either way, I had a wonderful day of eating again yesterday. When lunchtime hit, I really didn't want what was on my meal plan, so I sat down, figured out what I wanted and re-wrote the whole thing. I needed to physically have it down on paper. Having that plan really keeps me on track and helps me feel less stressed about the whole thing. This is probably the one place in my life I let someone tell me what to do (I suppose because that list ["someone"] is me!).

I'm still feeling the effects of the boxing class. My arms hurt in different places this morning and last night my hip started to feel like it was cracking inside my joint. Not a cracking sound, like physical shattering. It feels a little better today.

Tonight I'm headed to a spin class at my new gym where I will most likely be laughed out of the room for not having stupid clippy shoes, which I guarantee you, I will cave and buy if everyone else has them. I'm hoping to do a sprint triathlon next summer (it's a goal!) and I'll need to train with one of my mom's $7k racing bikes and I'll need them them.

Today's goal is to stick to the plan entirely. We have an all staff potluck, which I always avoid under usual circumstances, but it's also a new employee orientation, so it then becomes mandatory for all Program Directors to be present to speak about their programs. We also take our yearly all-staff portrait in October, so we'll be doing that.

My strategy at this point is to be there for the picture, and sit far away from the buffet line with a diet coke. The lunch I have planned for today involves cooking, and I want it that way because this is the lunch I need to make in order to make delicious dinner for the boys tomorrow with some of the ingredients. I also have measured out a portion of pistachios in case I decide I need a snack, and planned them into my day.

My fingers are crossed.


Rebecca said... itty bitty gain... 0.2 is nuthin...

totegirl said...

You don't need to cross your fingers. You got this!

A $7k bike? I can only imagine that it's like riding on a cloud. Am I right? Wait, don't tell me if I'm not!

antgirl said...

Sounds like you've made great plans. You're physical activity is amazing.