Thursday, September 10, 2009

Work it Wednesday

Just a quick personal update totally unrelated to the Beck Diet Solution, which is mostly what's on my mind right now.

At Weigh In last night, I maintained the exact same weight. I'm delighted by this because I had a particularly hard week with a jam packed schedule and NO meal plan to speak of. This week, one is in place, time for eating and activity has been scheduled in, and I'm highly motivated to stay on track. The more I say this to myself, the more it will remain true.

On the exciting news front, I am officially registered for a 5k on September 27th. It's called Women Run the Cities. I have really let running fall to the bottom of my priority list, but it is something that's important to me, so I've made an investment to get it up there. The race is in just a little over 2 weeks, which isn't much time to get ready. Honestly, I could do it tomorrow. There is no doubt that my new body is 100% capable of this race and even of putting in good time. This is a mental game.

It's been over a year since I vowed to complete my first 5k and I still don't have a t-shirt or number to show for it. It's time to stop playing around. No more mental blocks. I can and will do this (on September 27th).

I chose this race not only because I liked the description, but because the 5k portion is a run OR walk, I will not feel foolish if I run intervals, which is how I'm most comfortable now. 7 minutes run, 1.5 minute walk and so on. I made myself a little training schedule to keep up in the mean time. Yesterday I ran 1.6 miles with a 15 second walk at the 8 minute marker. I finished in 14 minutes. That's a 9 minute mile pace!

Today I am headed to the gym to use the stairmaster and jumprope, and tomorrow will be a 2 mile run. From there: Sunday - 2 miles, Monday - 60 minute walk, Tuesday - Strength Training, Wednesday - 2.25 miles, Thursday - Zumba, Friday - 2.25 miles, Saturday - Boot Camp, Sunday - 60 minute walk, Monday - 2.75 miles, Tuesday - Strength Training, Wednesday - 3 miles, Thursday - Zumba, Friday - 60 minute walk, Saturday - Rest, Sunday - Race Day

My goal is to finish the 5k in under 38 minutes, for no other reason than that seems like a reasonable amount of time for a beginner, it's overshooting, and maybe I like the number 8?

I really really want to accomplish this. I want to, so I will.


Rebecca said...

yeah for the maintain and you've made we want to go out and get the book!

The Black Kitteh said...

I'm still trying to get myself to commit to a 5K. I know I could do it, but just can't get myself to do it! So for now, YOU ARE MY HERO! Good luck on the 27th. I'll be cheering for you!

antgirl said...

Good luck with your goals on the 5 k!

Del said...

because of you I am at this very moment looking for races in my area. I have talked about registering for a race fro a long time, but always manage to talk myself out of it. I think a non weight related healthy goal is exactly what I need right now! :) Thanks!!!