Friday, September 18, 2009

Training my Body, Training my Mind.

I finished up a training run for my 5k about an hour ago. I shaved 31 seconds off my last run of the course for Women Run The Cities. The race is in just over a week and I'm feeling confident about both my ability to finish it, and my ability to finish in a time I am proud of.

I'm still chugging along with the Beck Diet Solution also. I've made post-it notes of all of my "To-Do" lists for the program and posted them in my tracking journal. Each day, I have many tasks and little boxes to check off. Mostly I am focusing on sitting while I eat, giving myself credit for healthy behaviors and also monitoring my hunger. That last one is by far the most difficult, but I feel as if I'm truly learning the difference between "hungry" and a desire to eat. When my stomach physically feels empty and is rumbling, I'm hungry. When I feel nothing in my stomach and everything in my mouth, that's a desire to eat. Listening to my body lately has really kept me on track, and I feel excellent about my motivation.

I rearranged my goals for September. I realized I am no longer motivated to walk or bike the many miles I set out to do. There is simply no time. I fretted about whether this was considered cheating, but considering the goals are my own, personally set, I can't cheat because I am the rule maker. I kept my Activity Point goal, Activity Date goal and my New Fitness Classes goal and added my 5k training and the 30 Day Shred.

These personal goals are supposed to be a driving force, not a curse. Changing them has helped me refocus. I've been getting in a lot of activity in the last few weeks compared to my last few months. I'm opening up time in my schedule because Dr. Judith Beck tells me that if I don't, I never will. There's no sense in waiting. There are lots of things that can wait until later - I need to make this journey a top priority again, and I'm well on my way.

This afternoon I'm facilitating a workshop. Normally, I would feel nervous and unprepared, but I went over my to-do list while running this morning and I feel oddly calm and centered. Perhaps I really am a runner at heart?

Keep it up everyone. If I can stay on track, surely you can!


The Black Kitteh said...

I am so proud to you. Good luck with the 5K. I went out and read your profile. The Orange Kitteh and I are in the midst of Maintenance and are struggling a bit. Any advice from your experience?

antgirl said...

I am so impressed. You're doing so great. Have a great weekend!