Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too Busy Being Successful.

Normally when I am on hiatus from blogging, it's because I'm so busy not being on plan that I decide not to write. This week, however, I'm too busy becoming wildly attached to my new habits and putting things together piece by piece.

I'm still working my way through the Beck Diet Solution and I'm pleased as pie for the tools it has explained in completely understandable ways. Sure, it's annoying to have to practice the most BASIC of common sense rules everyday, but it's finally sinking in. This is a choice I've made. I can't decide that it's unfair that I have to live the way I choose to live. I can whine and say it's unfair that I can't "eat normally," but honestly, I wasn't eating normally to begin with, which is one of the best lessons I've gotten along the way.

Everytime I see a thin co-worker grab a donut from the kitchen, I don't envy them. I'm happy I'm not eating it. I'm happy I'm choosing this direction, and I'm happy these habits are taking over my sabotaging thoughts.

So, my race is tomorrow. TOMORROW! I finished all of my training and each run I've averaged a 10 minute mile. I KNOW I am going to complete my goal of finishing this race in under 35 minutes. I know I am going to reach the finish line and feel invincible. I know that now... I need another goal to work toward.

Yesterday I did a taper run with my dog. My dog is the best running buddy anyone could ask for. He's so grateful and happy to be out there running, which is basically the opposite of how I feel about it at the beginning. It's so easy to forget how fortunate I am to have a body that cooperates with my requests to move; and to move hard and fast. I'm fortunate to have improved my health before any of the serious risks I was in for had a chance to attack.

I'm grateful for what I have, jiggly thighs and all.

Today I'm headed to boot camp and then to meet up with my other racing buddy, Kelly, to pick up our race packets for tomorrow. We're also going to stop for coffee and do a quick check in about the last week and how we did with our respective plans. I'm completely proud of my tracker for the last week, I can't wait to show it off.

Justin and Eli just left for Wisconsin Dells with Justin's parents for the weekend. Jack and I have the whole house to ourselves. I fully intend to clean clean clean. The pure fact that the house will stay that way for at least 24 hours is motivation enough. It's time to tackle the cupboards and get rid of old food to make room for new food. Today I've got old world red beans and rice in the crockpot, cooking all day while I'm out and about.

It's seriously beautiful out, and the weather for tomorrow is supposed to be even more gorgeous. It's a friends birthday tonight and I'm "allowed" to dress up. The combination of having an excuse to fancify and an empty house means that per diem fashion is probably going to be updated in the next 24 hours.

My spirits are so gloriously high. I think my life is actually changing.


The Black Kitteh said...

Sending the best-est wishes for your race tomorrow!!!

totegirl said...

YAY!!!!! I can't shout it loud enough for you to hear! I'm so stoked for you that I can literally feel your happiness, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post!