Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thoughts from the desk.

Yesterday I opted out of my Weight Watchers meeting. A gigantic stack of work that grows each day was calling out to me, so I weighed in at home, in my jeans, in the bathroom.

A loss of 1.8lbs!

I feel fantastic about my week. I had my flubs, as usual, because we attended the MN State Fair. Luckily, I made a plan, did some research and only veered off that plan twice. We also biked there, and walked nonstop for nearly 8 hours save for the hour we spent salsa dancing in the International Bazaar.

This morning I started my new 3 month paper journal from WW. I decided that because I WI at night on Wednesday, I needed to change my tracking habits to START on Thursday and go through Wednesday night. I have fallen into that dreaded trap of the "twilight zone" where nothing after weigh in is written down. (Luckily not this week because I was too busy, but in weeks passed.) This causes me to start the week by not really tracking (on a Wednesday) and struggling to get back on around Thursday afternoon. Mentally, if I've been tracking all week, and I know how many points I have left after weigh in, total points - activity and flex points - I will make a better choice as to what my WI treat might be.

Though I don't want to be in the habit of "rewarding" myself with food, it is nice to have a little *naughtier* dinner on a Wednesday night, but I'd like to a) track it b) still eat within my point range.

Because this week has been so busy, there's been limited time for activity. I have scheduled myself to get to Zumba at 6:30pm tonight. Though lately the teacher has been taking it VERY easy on us, so hopefully she'll be pumped for a serious class.

Tomorrow morning, I need to get back on the strength train. It leaves at 7am.


Rebecca said...

yay for the loss!

antgirl said...

Happy you got such a great loss after all your hard work. Congrats!