Monday, September 28, 2009

Officially a "Runner."

Jumping across the finish line (5k in 31:30)

Just excited that I'm a runner now.

Now that the race has come and gone and I have a comfortable long sleeve shirt to show off, I've definitely got the bug, just like my sister said I would. I'm signing up for the Monster Dash on Halloween, which is a 5k-9 (run with your dog!) and also the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. These will give me 2 opportunities to stay on track with training until there is just too much snow on the ground to motivate me to have a running goal.

This is something I pledged to do almost 2 years ago, so the fact that it happened, I did it, and was excited about it the entire time means the world to me. My mind is changing along with my body and it's an exciting transformation.

BRING IT ON! Monster Dash will be finished in less than 31:30, I guarantee it.


Priscilla, Lil Miss Hungry said...

Congrats on the great finish!!!

Rebecca said...

looks like you had a blast!

Glam said...

Nicely done! Looked like fun too!

fattygetsfit said...

congrats on your accomplishment!!!

Bare It All said...

Wow! What a fantastic job. You look so happy!

Del said...

you are awesome!!! great job!!!!