Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How I Turned a Lame Situation into a Ton of Sweat!

My favorite class ever is on Tuesdays. Pole Power Fitness at Flex Appeal. Today I waited until 5:15pm to leave the house so that my mind would panic and think I needed to hurry to get there. The bike ride generally takes me about 9 minutes at a comfortable pace, that's including all stop signs, red lights, passing people, etc.

Today I got from my front door to their front door in 5:13!


When I got there, I locked up my bike, headed up to the pole studio and started warming up with some climbs and playing around with holds and doing a few tricks. Class started, we warm up with a little cardio because it is a strength training class. Less than 10 minutes into it, someone shows up late. All the poles were full. That means, because I work for trade there, that I am forced to give up my pole. There is literally no way to do this workout without it, so I left... feeling defeated.

I took a minute at my bike, arguing with myself about whether or not I should just go home and lay on the couch or try to get to the gym. My gym, the YWCA is pretty much a war zone at "rush hour." I opted out. I decided to race home and see what that inspired. I made it home in 5:21! That's a 21 MPH pace both ways!

I felt so fantastic about being a speed demon both ways, that I decided to sprint around the block. Just once. But once turned into twice, turned into 3 times, which ended up in a half mile sprint. My heart rate was THROUGH THE ROOF, but still, I needed more. I'm in for the long haul, kids.

I remembered that Jessica had burned me some decent workout DVDs. Never in the history of my life have I completed a home workout. I always turn it off at some point before the cool down. Today, I shredded the 30 day shred. Level 3. What a bitch.

I tried the 30 day shred almost a year ago when it first came out. I did it once, on level 1 and thought I was too cool for school. Today I was ballsy and tried level 3, which is ultimately a lot harder than level 1. It hurt, and it burned, and I wanted to punch Jillian in the face, but I did it.

... and seriously, that's not all.

I also jump-roped for 10 minutes, and finally I stretched to cool down. 764 calories later, I'm a happy camper who missed her favorite class but took the bull by the horns.

Check this out:

That shirt is normally very light gray. I am a ball of sweat, and I'm so proud of myself. It would have been so easy to just say "Well, I give up. Class was cancelled, at least I tried to work out, I'll go get some ice cream and call it a night."

Day 4 of the Beck Diet Solution focuses on giving yourself credit. Especially in negative situations. Today I am working on giving myself credit where credit is due, and I think this is such an occasion.

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Bare It All said...

Credit is definitely due! Good girl.