Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fish Tacos and Major Motivation.

Every Monday morning, I get together with my friend Kelly to talk about all things related to our diets/eating lifestyles. Kelly and I both struggle similarly with emotional eating and lack of motivation. I was so thankful for that meeting yesterday, and so motivated that I worked extremely hard throughout the day adding extra movements to my cleaning shift at the studios and staying for a class. I kicked (literally) so much ass in the class that I burned 603 calories! (I burned 383 cleaning)

Yesterday I continued working on sitting at the table while eating and also timing my meals. I managed to make my dinner last for 14:32, which is the longest I've been able to stretch a smaller portion meal on my own. I do enjoy this exercise though, the more I try to beat my score and focus on taking more time, the more I really am able to focus on whether I truly am still hungry.

Tomorrow I am headed down to Minnehaha to seek out the course for my Women Run The Cities 5k. I want to do my last 4 training runs there, that way it will feel like a breeze come race day. Also exciting, Kelly is going to run with me! She promised it doesn't matter how slow I go, and I know that we'll be able to push each other.
Today I'm feeling confident that I will continue to make good decisions, focus on my advantages and continue to give myself credit for everything I am doing that is helpful toward my goal.


The Black Kitteh said...

I love Fish Tacos!

I hope the 5K training goes smoothly an completing the race is much rewarding!!!!

Lor said...

you can dooo it!! :)

fattygetsfit said...

sometimes giving YOURSELF a kick in the pants is the best thing.

good luck with your run!