Thursday, September 17, 2009

Celebrations and Credit in the Bank.

Last night I pulled off a 1.8lb loss!!! I feel proud, determined, motivated and a huge sense of momentum.

Last night, I also went out to eat with my Mom and my sister. Anyone who knows my family's history can tell this is a very stressful eating situation, which became even more stressful due to conversation. I opted to have a Turkey Burger, knowing full-well that I'd be cooking mostly vegetarian and fish this week, so I wanted to get my "red" (burger) protein in while I was out being "indulgent." I ordered it with a salad instead of their delicious horseradish potato salad.

When my plate came, I ate the salad- slowly. The conversation took it's stressful turn and I barely touched my burger. I had 2 bites, and I was no longer full. Since Justin didn't join us to eat, I packaged it all up and brought it to him. Not that I am attempting to make him unhealthy, he just undoubtedly eats anything I bring home if all he has to do is microwave it or assemble with minimal effort.


I even resisted the delicious homemade chocolate peanut butter squares they bring you with your check. SCORE AGAIN!

I re-earned a 5lb star at my meeting last night, which made me feel great. I'm hoping to get another one, a new one, by the end of November. I am positive I can do it before then, I just don't like setting unrealistic weight loss number goals.

Tonight, I get to cook dinner with Justin and watch the premier of It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia. Sounds fantastic!


Lor said...

hell yeah, girl! keep it up!! I AM SO PROUD!!! you are definitely motivating me as well! YOU'RE SO CLOSE!! KEEP IT UP!!!!! :) :) :) :)

antgirl said...

Glad you are seeing your progress and making headway.

Sounds like a very pleasant evening.

Del said...

Great Job, Family dinners can be so hard! I can never resist chocolate peanut butter anything!!