Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beck Diet Solution.

I've been busy.

I've also been "bad," meaning I've eaten a whole lot of things I neither planned nor really wanted to eat in the last week and today I face the scale and my inevitable gain at my meeting tonight.

I'm not nervous however, because yesterday I picked up The Beck Diet Solution from the library. I started working through it last night, and I can tell this is exactly the thing I need to be reading right now. It's not a diet, but rather healthy practices in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, the mental changes you need to be making in order to create and make new habits stick.

In Chapter 2: What Really Makes You Eat, Dr. Judith Beck goes on to describe 8 characteristics of people who struggle with dieting who would make great candidates to venture through this program with her. Personally, I match 6 out of the 8 listed below and I've marked those with *.

Characteristic 1: You confuse hunger with the desire to eat.*

Characteristic 2: You have a low tolerance for hunger and cravings.

Characteristic 3: You like the feeling of being full.*

Characteristic 4: You fool yourself about how much you eat.*

Characteristic 5: You comfort yourself with food.*

Characteristic 6: You feel helpless when you gain weight.

Characteristic 7: You focus on issues of unfairness.* (Skinny people can eat whatever they want, it's not fair! Sound familiar?)

Characteristic 8: You stop dieting once you lose weight.*

It is because of all of these deeply ingrained habits and though processes that we struggle to diet, even after being successful with it. These coping mechanisms are the reason why 90 to 95% of people who lose weight can't keep it off.

Because I am creeping up on my 2 year anniversary of recommitment to Weight Watchers, I want to prove that I can beat the statistic. I can finish what I've started. I can accomplish something significant.

As I work through The Beck Diet Solution, I'll be blogging about the steps and processes and how it relates to me personally. I hope it will be helpful to some of you who have never heard of or read this book. To those of you who have, please chime in with whether it helped, hurt, or your overall experience with it.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with Days 1 through 3.


antgirl said...

Am interested to hear how it goes.

Bare It All said...

The mental stuff is always the toughest!