Thursday, August 27, 2009

Win some, lose none.

It would take me far too long to go back and count the amount of entries I've made in the last year that started with "Ok, I'm getting back to basics."

This is another one.

Last night at my meeting, even before facing the scale and the inevitable gain, I decided to purchase a new food scale. I recently got rid of my old one. It had stopped working more than 9 months ago, but I liked to see it sitting on the kitchen counter, unused, so it appeared to other people that I was still "doing what I'm supposed to do."

I confessed this to my leader.

Well... sort of.

Either way, any time I spend my money and make a significant investment in a tool or gadget that will help me in this journey, I tend to stay on track for a good chunk of time. This morning, I weighed my yogurt and the cereal that goes on top of it. Surprisingly, I am pretty right on with both of those portions.

My goal this week, other than to track absolutely everything, is to weigh all of my food. Even if it's prepackaged, just to get a handle on what certain portions of things look like and also to build around the habit.

I am proud to say that I tracked everything I ate yesterday, including that second bowl of ice cream (which I weighed). I can feel that I am ready to be back in the game. The reality of the short amount of time I really need to dedicate to this is finally setting in. I am less than 15 pounds away from goal, and if I really concentrate, crack down, I will get there quickly.

Tonight is a Zumba night, and I plan to take the dog to Minnehaha by myself in the afternoon and take time to really climb around on the hills. The neat thing about my dog is that he's extremely loyal and somewhat of a rescuer. He always goes up or down a hill first, but only a little bit, and then turns to wait and make sure I take my path safely. I have slipped before and he has cried and tried to nudge me back. He's an all around Lassie kind of dude.

Weekend plans are starting to shape up, and we can't decide if we should go camping or just spend time here doing the things we love to do. Eli will be back in school soon, which means that the weather is going to start to wane. Whatever we do, it will be based around activity.

I hope everyone is doing well getting back on track, staying on track, being off track, etc.


GoBucksGirl13 said...

Sometimes it's so hard to get back on track, I'm right there too! Good luck to you!

Rebecca said...

awe nic...

i feel for you. sssssoooo been there!

you can do this!

totegirl said...

Good job getting back to basics! It's always a good thing to do, just to make reinforce good behaviors, which I happen to think are your dominant behaviors!

antgirl said...

The little things can add up. You'll get there. :)

Lor said...

we can dooo this! :)

Doug said...

hope it helps, stay motivated