Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Wake up Call

It's Wednesday, my weigh in day, and I'm positive that I have gained. I deserve a gain at least, and if I lose, I will actually be disappointed for being rewarded for a terrible week. I did keep up the activity, and I pushed myself extra hard in the last 2 days with well planned meals and exercise, but that doesn't correct all the mistakes I made this week. the entire box of Snicker's Ice Cream Bars.

....or 3 chocolate covered bananas.

.....or a "serving" of yogurt with a "serving" of granola. (both supersized, and I actually had 2.. of each)

I've been lying to my tracker again. I often wonder what the point of even writing it down when I'm lying to myself. Secondly, why am I lying to myself. In the end, I know what I ate. The scale will know what I ate, and no one else NEEDS to know what I ate. It's not like my WW tracker is a big juicy diary of all my intimate secrets.

...or maybe it is.

Either way, despite the tone of this post, I'm actually feeling very motivated. At this point, where I am, 2lbs lost or gained makes an absolute visable difference in my body. And at this point, in my life, I really am shallow enough to push myself this week before I embark to Colorado with a group of people I don't know very well. There will be pools everywhere we are staying. I only own a 2 piece swimsuit.

Catch my drift?

I'm not worried about the fact that there will be men there. No no. Moreso that there are 6 of us ladies. Ladies judge harshly, and secretly in their heads. I do it. I know everyone does it. I also know that none of these ladies will care what I look like in my stupid 2 piece swimsuit, but I will most certainly concoct an entire reason why they're "staring at my thighs" when they're actually watching the gorgeous sunset.

It's a stupid reason for motivation, but it's working.

Also, yesterday, I officially decided that I was bringing 2 DVDs and my resistance band to Colorado. The hotel we are staying at on Friday has a fitness room. I'm not sure what that entails yet, but I am pretty positive I will be one of the first people awake. I never sleep well in strange places. I will get up early and utilize the fitness room. I hope to convince people to hike on Saturday. I know at least 1/2 of this crowd are big into adventure and activity, but I'm not sure about the other 1/2, so we'll have to go with majority, or I'll have to go off on my own.

At our condo in Silverthorne, there should be good running trails and a DVD player. One of the DVDs I'm bringing is Biggest Loser Yoga that I got from Jessica. I've still never done it, but it seemed like something easy enough and not TOO weird for me to do after I get back from a run (which most likely won't last long, as I have NEVER been in an elevated area). I just want to prepare myself as much as possible to get lots of activity in. I also want to relax, yes, but this wedding is going to be amazingly delicious --- and an open bar. Open bar is dangerous. Open bar means lots of points.

But there will be DANCING!

There are lots of opportunities for me to burn calories, but only one time for me to watch my friend get married. I promise I will relax, I'm just in the preparation stage of it, and it's starting to freak me out.

All is well. I'll be back with an update on how my weigh in goes tonight.


Bare It All said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan in mind. Make sure you drink twice as much water as you normally do. Altitude sickness is not pretty. There is an amazing path that goes all the way to Vail. It's perfect for walking/running/biking. Enjoy!

shamrock said...

Good luck! I know this snickers bars. Those snickers bars are dangerous and evil.

Rebecca said...

Have you tried the new Candy Bars by WW that are just like the Snickers ones?

Oh my god...they are delish and only 3 pts!

I think its great that your planning on exercising while out in CO, and enjoy the weekend.

Seriously, and not to sound snotty, but if you a gain a pound or two, most likely its just the alochol and sodium and you'll have it off before you know it!

Lor said...

i stress and plan, too, no worries!

it sounds like you're doing everything you can to stay on track AND have fun! you might be freaking now, but you're getting it out of the way to enjoy yourself, later!

i'm proud of you for planning some exercise in your trip! that's awesome!!

i have trouble sleeping in strange places, too, but hopefully, some of the open bar part will help you at least one night! :)

good luck, loverrr!