Sunday, August 30, 2009

walk. run. climb. dance.

"You cannot learn to fly by flying. First one must learn to walk, to run, to climb, to dance."

That's not mine, that's Nietzsche's. I first heard it, at least part of it, when I was a tiny girl secretly watching the R-Rated movie "Coming to America" with my brother in our South Minneapolis basement. He was 12 and I was 10, we managed to rent it from our local Mr. Movies when a "bigger" neighborhood boy took a job there. This was a small community, with a drug store on the corner that still allowed people to have "tabs."'s a Starbucks now, and the Mr. Movies is a yoga studio. *sigh*

Even in the midst of ridiculous movies, starring Eddie Murphy in multiple roles, I was able to gather something useful, a lesson. Sadly, a lesson I might not have learned until now without this movie, as I preferred RL Stine to Sartre.

This is what I've been focusing on this week.

When I've been "hungry," I wait. I grab a glass of water, I journal about what might be going on, and ultimately decide within 10 minutes if I'm actually hungry or not. This is not something I never learned how to do and is by far the hardest struggle of weight loss success.

I figure, in the grand scheme of things, learning to "walk" is really learning to decide when or if to eat. Are you hungry? Check yes or no.

Learning to run may very well be what you decide to eat, an equally difficult battle this day and age with delicious food everywhere you turn and food scientists working diligently to decide exactly what you'll want so you'll want it so often they can retire in the Hampton's.

Climbing is a different story. The exercise. Moving more. Physical fitness if you will. Allowing your body to reach it's full potential. We were built to walk across this country, building things and hunting and gathering. Instead, we rely on modern conveniences and have everyone and every thing do it for us. Live like your ancestors - use your strength.

And finally, to dance. The dance is life. How can we balance the other three gracefully with limited uncoordinated moments? How do we "get it all together?"

That's the beautiful part.

Everyone hears different music. Everyone has their own rhythm.

This post went in a completely different way than I meant it to, but I'll let it slide.


Bare It All said...

Love the quote and your personal take on it.

fattygetsfit said...

i likes this.
it is simple and thoughtful.
and it is sooo important to remember to take things one step at a time and not fly to the finish line.

Roder said...

Oh wow - I know exactly the corner of Mpls you're talking about! Heck, I went to Annunciation, and used to go watch movies at the Boulevard theater, in addition to going to Sauk Drug or Mr. Movies after school. Too funny how small even the blogosphere world can be.

Lor said...

really, really like this post.

gives me something to think about today.

antgirl said...

Great thought and inspiration. Step by step, we build and go.