Monday, August 3, 2009

Preparation and Disappointment.

I just finished my meal plan for the rest of the week. I had intentions to do this yesterday and got sidetracked (as usual), but I'm happy to report that it's done - although not as well as it should be.

I didn't focus very much on the GHGs, but more just staying within my points and adding little bits here and there of the foods I have been gravitating towards lately. If I plan for them and eat the actual serving size I am hopeful that I will be satisfied and knock off the binging I have been taking part in lately.

I also made a small grocery list of produce that I need, mainly fruit, which is what I'm trying to keep my snacks to this week.

This disappointment portion stems from finishing up my cleaning shift at the studios and finding my head feeling like a helium balloon. I don't know if it's the heat today, not eating enough or what, but even before my bike ride home I had to cancel my walking date with Jessica, which I was very very very much looking forward to. I wanted to come home and relax for a while. I might call her later in the evening and see if she's still up for it. However, if I'm not feeling up to it, I'm satisfied knowing I burned 927 calories mopping stupid studio floors today. If you ever want a weird alternative exercise, find a cleaning job. You'd be amazed how many calories you burn washing windows, wiping mirrors and shuffling a mop back and forth across a floor.

In Colorado news, which is the biggest thing on my mind lately, I have been extremely blessed by an amazing surprise. My dad called me last week and told me that my Grandma wanted him to give me $50 for my birthday. I immediately sat down and wrote her a thank you note because that's what I do. I love sending people cards, letters, trinkets, etc. I probably spend 100s of dollars a year through the Postal Service, but I'm ok with that. Within the thank you note I wrote her a little update letter about what's been going on with Me and Justin and Eli, etc. About my Colorado trip and how much that surprise money will help me pay for it without having to sacrifice much else, etc. So today I was talking to my dad, telling him my victory story of negotiating a really amazing price on a set of new tires, installation and rotation and balancing and he mentioned that my Grandma got my letter and wants him to give me another $100. [My grandmother is old and my dad handles her finances, in case you're confused.]

On one hand, this is the coolest thing ever. It basically just paid for my weekend condo stay, as well as my portion of the rental car. On the other hand, I am WAY too old for my grandma to be sending me money for my birthday, and I've actually been telling her this for more than 10 years, but she is stubborn, so I will continue to take it. I love gifts.

Everything is really coming together nicely.

Now, if only I can shake one stinkin' pound so I can get my eyebrows waxed....


kristen said...

Wow, how nice of your grandma! You deserve a vacation!

I hope you get to go for that walk with your friend. There's nothing like clearing your head and chattin' it up in the fresh air with a buddy. :)

Lor said...

that's awesome!! now, can you throw me some of that luck!?

I totally love sending cards, too! a girl i went to HS with and i are "pen pals," and we get funny or inspiring cards for one another once a week and send em off. We've also fell in love with $1 dollar store padded envelopes for all of those "she'll absolutely love this.." findings. heh :)

come on, one pounder! YOU CAN DO IT!