Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out of Sight.

It's been difficult to find time and motivation to update lately. The lack of ability to upload photos is still driving me insane.

Last night was my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. My weigh-in was about what I expected, I gained back my entire loss from last week. I attribute this to the Minnesota Monthly Magazine's Fresh Taste Festival. I ended up getting free tickets through Twitter, thinking it would be a great opportunity for Justin to do some networking with local chefs. He mostly chickened out because those kind of things don't come easy for him, and I didn't want to do it for him that time. He needs to learn, at some point, to step out on his own. It was a raw deal either way, because he didn't get what he wanted and I ended up eating about 150 points worth of deliciousness.

During our meeting, however, we were chatting about "cravings" and discussing strategies on how to satisfy that little voice that just won't go away. My reoccurring craving is always peanut butter. I love peanut butter and I could sit down and eat it all day long. I rarely try to fake myself out of this, because generally when I want peanut butter - I really want protein (that isn't chicken). I typically slice a banana in half length-wise and spread a tablespoon on each side. It's delectable.

What do you tend to crave? What speaks to you from the fridge and won't stop until you just allow yourself to have it?

The reason I have been so distracted this week is because I am preparing to leave for Colorado tomorrow morning. I have been packing and repacking, desperately trying to force my things into a carry on, I am, after all, only going to be gone for 3 days. But the itinerary calls for too diverse a schedule and I am going to have to bring 2 bags. We are swimming, hiking, lounging, and going to a formal wedding. I promised myself I would bring my jump rope and a strength training resistance tube and also my fitness shoes in addition to my beautiful red Cole Haan pumps for the wedding. It's just too much, plus now that my hair is short and completely unmanageable, I require an arsenal of styling tools to accomplish anything beyond "JBF hair." (Consult urban dictionary if confused)

I've been struggling lately with the idea that I am so close to my goal and I simply can't get it together. One one hand, I appreciate that I have taken the time to adapt the plan into one that works with my lifestyle. I am a busy person with many social engagements that revolved around food and drink. I believe that being too restrictive leads to a sense of failure, which then leads to quitting. On the other hand, I am just about 10 pounds from goal. If I simply cracked down, just for a period of time, I could get there and then I would be able to simply maintain as I've been doing.

I am motivated more often when I realize that in just 10 pounds and 6 weeks maintenance I am eligible to apply to be a leader. This has been my goal for the last year, and it still holds firm in the forefront of my mind. I try to be a voice to other people I know who are currently going through Weight Watchers or their choice eating plans, commiserating with the struggle and offering sound advice that's applicable to their lifestyle. I love doing this because not only do I get that "helper" badge I'm always looking for, but it's empowering to the both of us. There is something huge about helping someone see the light, or find their way, or at least put down that 3rd slice of cake.

I appreciate all of you for the advice you continually present here, in your emails and comments and in your own blogs. The community of support is truly the biggest tool anyone can have in their weight loss efforts.

How do you find community in weight loss?


Kassie said...

I think you would be a great leader. The need for cool, hip leaders is great and you would be wonderful.

Good luck. And have in CO.

Doug said...

My cravings have changed since I started eating healthier. Before, I would crave sugar and fatty foods. And lots of them. Probably emotionally related, possibly out of boredom, and the feel-good you get from it.

Now, I've found that I mostly have cravings when I don't eat enough thorughout the day. If I snack enough, I don't get the huge cravings I used to have. I still want to eat crap sometimes, but once I have a protein bar or piece of fruit it usually goes away.

I'm sure it's different for everyone, but for me, exercise cut out a lot of cravings, as did having a nutritional diet. Learning to snack and not eat huge meals helped also.

antgirl said...

Maybe you just need to let yourself be for awhile and keep maintaining. When you are ready, you'll go for it. It would take the pressure off and then perhaps you'd be more willing to step up.

Have a great time in Colorado.

Rebecca said...

and I thought thats where you have been!? in Colorado.

i agree with Antgirl. Just let it rest, you'll find your renewed dedication/motivation when your ready.

Have a safe and fun trip.

Lor said...

i think you would be an EXCELLENT leader. if i didn't have the career of my dreams established here, i would pick up and move just to join your meetings!!!!!

it must be frustrating to be so close from goal and you find moto MIA. but the brightside is, you have stellar stats. you AREN'T gaining it back. you haven't lost ALL of your good habits. you have all of the tools, and you know exactly what you're supposed to do to make it work. try implementing one extra thing, every day. this can be something different, too. One day, focus on moving. then next, getting milk & oil. etc. perhaps mixing it up, wendie planning it, will be the shock your system needs.

you're right about wanting to stick to it now, and dicking around later to maintain. make these be mini goals. work hard to lose 5, even, and take a "break" and maintain. then, try again for 2, then three. break it up. don't think "i have to lose 10..." think 2..3..4.. etc.

you've got all the time in the world, lady, and you've come so far!!

just, try to update here and there.. lol.. i'm lost without reading your blog! :p hang in there! i'm here if you need me!