Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making the Climb.

Yesterday Justin and I made it out to Vertical Endeavors. We hadn't climbed in a very long time, and since my return from Colorado, it's essentially all I could think about.

We had such a great time. It's been a very long while since we did anything active together other than hiking with the dog and Eli. He stopped coming to the gym about 6 months ago and despite hundreds of invitations, he hasn't gotten back there.

Climbing yesterday was difficult, but I am obviously incredibly improved from the last time I was there. My arms were strong but my hands got tired quickly. The sense of strength and empowerment was overwhelming and I'm so happy we were able to do that.

Later last night, after the climb time, we met up with our friends Jessica and Joe at one of our favorite restaurants to eat at on Sunday and Monday nights. They have a secret service industry special where everything is 50% off, and we've been going long enough that most of the servers already know who we are and don't ask if we're "in the industry." I stuck with a relatively safe drink, a horrible choice in appetizer, a good choice for dinner and then accidentally ordered dessert like I always do - and didn't get enough help eating it.

I still feel pretty great about my day considering I had a really filling and low point breakfast and lunch, and kept it pretty tame at dinner after burning 800 calories scaling walls.

All in all, pretty fantastic.


totegirl said...

Good lawd that wall is intimidating! Glad you did it, and stoked that you had a good time!

50% off at a restaurant! Sweet! I don't blame you for your choices. If I got that sweet discount, I'd take advantage too.

Del said...

I have always wanted to try climbing, what a fun way to get in a workout!!!