Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Importance of Feeling Important.

Needing to belong plays such a giant part in weight loss, whether we are willing to admit or not. I guarantee it played a massive part in my gaining weight in the first place.

We all know the importance of support. We need to know our friends and family are behind us, or at the very least, if they're not, there is some form of community, somewhere in our lives (online message boards, Weight Watchers meetings) cheering us on and encouraging us to get where we need to be.

One of the biggest reasons I was able to be so successful early in my weight loss efforts was because I had a partner. A sponsor if you will. Someone who knew what I was going through and was going through it herself.

Her name is Jessica, and I consider her to be my dearest of friends. For the first 8 years of our friendship, it seemed that no matter what was going on in our lives, they were so eerily similar that we felt like some weird twisted twin. We could go months without speaking and pick right back up where we left off. We were both fired for the first time ever on the same day. We broke off long term relationships within 24 hours of each other. We both started working in the nonprofit sector. Through all this, as I gained weight, naturally so did she.

When I made the decision to RE-join Weight Watchers, she supported me. When I started losing, she joined too. We talked almost daily about "points," fitness, snack ideas, and all of the snarky people we didn't like on the 20-somethings message board.

Every step of the way, from celebrations to struggles, she has been there to listen and offer educated advice as a person who's been there, went through it, and saw the end result. Jessica reached her goal almost a year ago on October 17th, 2008. She has been an inspiration - maintaining that weight and her fitness routine, every day showing me it can be done.

She's still there, every day, to hear me out when I'm struggling, push me when I'm not pushing myself, set me straight and remind me what I'm work toward. We've built better habits around our relationship, discussing our choices before ordering, sharing food, (trying to) keeping track of drinks. She is just as responsible for my weight loss as I am, and I could never thank her enough.

Who is the sponsor in your life?

If you don't have one, seek one out. Do you sit next to the same person at your meeting weekly? Take it to the next step. Find someone who can fully support you, and you will find that the journey becomes that much easier when you have someone there to remind you that "it's just hard work."

Thanks, Jessica.


Jessitracker said...

Aww, thanks! This was so uplifting to read, especially after an extremely long day of biking where I had some hard moments of just wanting to give up.

I would never have had this day if I hadn't been inspired by you in the first place to join WW and finally be in the kind of shape where I can do things like that.

So, thank YOU.

Meg Canada said...

I needed to read this tonight. Thanks.

Del said...

My ww buddy is my sister. We call each other several times a week to talk about what is working and not working, share successes and failures, great snack ideas and recipes. I honestly couldn't have done this without her!!!