Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holy Shhhhh....




This is totally insane to me. I can not remember a time when I've weighed this little. My driver's license has always said 150 because it seemed "normal" enough to not be a ridiculous lie when I was 175, and I was simply too lazy and embarrassed to change it when I renewed again at 200lbs.

Now it's a lie in a totally different way.

On that, does anyone put their exact weight on their driver's license? I would think it was really weird to see like "118" or "123" instead of just rounding up or down to "120." Anyway...

The happy part is I get to have my eyebrows waxed before the wedding. That was the final detail I was freaking out about, so I'm happy to have that out of the way.

In other news, I bought a new speed rope yesterday that came with a video to teach me how to do awesome jump roping tricks. Someday, I'll make a video (when I can actually do them) and you can see how ridiculous I look. Jump roping is such a fantastic exercise. It's high intensity and low impact for maximum results. They say 10 minutes of jump roping is equivalent to running one mile.

Get out there and JUMP!


Rebecca said...

Nic!!! That's so great and if that isn't motivation for the weekend!!


You must share that video because I love jump roping... it really is a fab workout and supposedly the cario where you burn the most amount of calories.

I'm seriously so excited for you!! Looks like you finally broke through your plateau!

Jessitracker said...

Way to go!

My DL says 150 on it. At the time I thought, "Maybe some day I'll get there"...and that was last June when I weighed 160!

It's nice when it's a lie in the wrong direction.

Lor said...


congrats, lady!!!!!!

my license has always said 152. i figured, at 170 something when I was 16, if i put that little "2" there, it made it more legit. lol.

then, when i got up to 216.. (have you seen liar liar?) i figured people thought 'yeah. in your bra.' hah.

anyway, thats excellent! i want to start jumping rope! make a video soon! :)

keep it up!!!!!!!

totegirl said...

DUDE!!!!! Super stoked! Get those stray brows ripped right out. You earned it!

Isn't Texas the fattest state in the union? Because they sure as hell don't put our weight on our licenses! Thank goodness!

Jambam said...

Congratulations! Very exciting!

kristen said...

Congratulations!! That's a huge loss! You'll have the nicest eyebrows at the wedding, haha. Speaking of, mine could use some taming...

NJ doesn't require your weight on your driver's license either. I think it used to though.

antgirl said...

Woooot! You must be so thrilled after that long plateau. Yaaay

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Whaaaaat!!! I need to get me a jump rope!! Congrats on your weigh in. I think my license says 120 which is a LIE! Try 120+ 77. LOL...