Friday, August 21, 2009

FUNdraising Frustrations.

Last night I attended Meels On Heels, a fundraiser for Metro Meals on Wheels. When I found out about this event, my first inclination was to decline - especially after reading there would be free drinks and free food. I'm never ok in these situations and prefer to stay away unless there is some benefit (like a fundraiser).

After reading more about the event, I knew it was something I had to go to. a) My friend Kelly's husband is the Executive Director of the organization, therefore, I must show support. b) There was a Swanky Soles competition. A picture of the shoes you wear to the event is entered into a contest to win fabulous prizes.

Fancying myself somewhat stylish, I wanted to go.

I had a plan, at least mid-day. I got some exercise in - not much, but enough to convince myself I could have at least one treat. Instead, I had about 20. Literally. I can't even track the indulgences I had last night. The good thing is that I know why.

In the last week, since I returned from Colorado, I have been home only to sleep, quickly buying stand-by meals from the Co-op because I know their points value. My palette was bored, I was over-tired and over-stressed, basically every feature in the HALT saying (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired). I was set up to fail from the minute we arrived.

I'm not chalking it up as a failure, although I really didn't need that second piece of cake, but rather a lesson. For the next month or 2, I truly need to avoid events like this. It's not that I can't have them in moderation when I am maintaining, but again, I need to get it in my head that right now - I'm not maintaining. I am trying to lose.


Between this event, the event 2 weeks ago at the Fresh Fest, and various others, I have shown limited amounts of constraint, so I am barring them from my schedule for the time being. No free food. Free food, for me, is never actually free, because it means I'll be paying for another month of Weight Watchers. Another month I don't hit Goal or Lifetime. Perhaps if I think about it this way it will register.

Good things came from the event however, a friend and I were in the top 5 for the Swanky Soles contest out of nearly 50 entries. Neither of us won, but we had some pretty stiff competition. I also got a chance to spend some time with said friend, a newer one I don't know too much about, in a relatively non-group situation, which was helpful... and fun! My summer vow to meet more people has been going swimmingly, though has left me exhausted from too many social obligations.

I am happy to hear the weather in MN is going to be fabulous this weekend, and I'm already plotting how to get back on track with activity. I still have 2 of the 5 lakes to walk around, and many biking miles to get in. I might need a partner, or multiple partners, or a fan club, cheer team, etc.

I have 10 days to complete my August goals, and I WILL do it, I just need to figure out how.

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Lor said...

i am totally one of your cheerleaders, and i would love to head your fan club! hah!

considering i was eating a brownie while reading your post, i am having some trouble turning down free food, too. a lady i work with is celebrating her 1st anniversary of being full-time with us, and she brought brownies. me, being the, ah, kind person i am.. couldn't hurt her feelings and so i had to take one.

... or... i love chocolate, have PMS, and they were covered with a thin layer of cream cheese frosting. ha! either way, i know how you feel, sort of. i'm not anywhere NEAR goal, but i know how you feel with the over indulging, etc.

get out and get active, girl! YOU CAN DO IT! RAH RAH! :)