Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finding Time.

I feel as though this week didn't even exist. Between caring for my friend Steph, who is laid up with a broken foot, consoling my girlfriend Allysen through her dad's death, trying to catch up with work after Colorado and also get in some exercise and eat right, I can't think of a single time I stopped to catch my breath.

The weekend is over now, of course, which is always kind of a sad time for me. I work from home on Mondays and typically have a lot of ground to cover on paper work and administrative tasks for my job.

I am happy to report that I got to check off another section for my August goals. Run/Walk/Hike miles are left in the dust after I walked to and around Cedar Lake with my friend Nicole who is moving to Iowa on Sunday (and was the bride in the wedding for which I travelled to CO). We took a few wrong turns and ended up logging 5.47 miles. It went by like a flash and it was such a great release on so many levels.

I am currently having my third TOM in the last 35 days. I am horrible frustrated and the concern is growing. Don't worry my friends, there will be no brothers or sisters for Eli, at least as far as the 2 tests I've taken are concerned. I am going to schedule an appointment with the doctor to get my hormone levels checked; from what I've read that could cause a strange occurrence like this.

It has zapped my energy though, and made it hard to get any real activity in this week aside from all the running around I've done. I hope that completing my monthly goal as far as biking miles go will help with that. I'm going to try to focus on hills to burn some extra calories along with that.


I grocery shopped today. I only meant to get a few staples and then got carried away. It was my brilliant idea to load up on frozen meals. Lately I have been focusing on eating mostly clean and healthy, which has gotten me stuck in this rut where all I eat is fruit and yogurt throughout the day and then gorge at dinner time. My portions are literally out of control, so the frozen meals are my attempt to get back on track in this realm. I need to relearn what a "meal" looks like. I also grabbed some of the fruits I don't eat as often: apples, nectarines and pluots, to give myself a little variety.
I didn't get to weigh in this week due to the funeral, but I am headed to my meeting on Wednesday to face the scale. I can feel it's not going to be pretty, but I can't really and truly be back on track until I know where I am.

In an effort to ditch ridiculous extra calories, I am going on somewhat of a drinking fast. I am committing to having wine if I get stuck in a social drinking situation, and swearing off all alcohol and beer for the next 2 weeks. I feel that my body needs a detox after all the fun times in Colorado.

Speaking of Colorado...

The 6 girls of the trip in various Yoga poses on the rock. (L to R: Ruthie, Kelly R, Steph, Crystal, Kelly C, Me)

Sitting on a big rock at the bottom of more big rocks before I climb all the rocks.

Kelly C and I made it to the very top. It was breathtaking.

Tomorrow I am hoping to make time to get to Vertical Endeavors with Justin to do some more climbing. That is one activity I'd love to get into more. I feel like my arms have so much more strength than when I used to go for fun in Duluth. I'd love to take an adventure vacation with some real rock climbing elements built in to additional hikes or mountain biking. I think that would be a blast. I'll focus on that after my big GOAL surf trip.


Doug said...

that looks like so much fun!!

thanks for the alert. I skipped that whole section. I think it's better that way.

fattygetsfit said...

i think i am skipping tonight's meeting and going to one with a leader i know/like later this week. I'm hoping my schedule changed again at work and I can make morning meetings with the one leader who I truly feel motivates me. thanks for that reminder. the leader really does make or break the meeting.

p.s. i hope you feel better!

Rebecca said...

your lookin good!

antgirl said...

Hmmm, you are too young for that to be 'normal'. You have that to look forward to with pre-menopause.

Looks like a great trip. My week was busy as heck, too. This was is stacking up no better. Siiiigh.