Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm not dead.

The opposite in fact, I am feeling very very alive. My long weekend in Colorado was somewhat of life changing experience. Having never been to the mountains, my initiation was made among a group of highly esteemed new friends. This group has really come together over the last 2 years.

The trip itself, what with traveling as a group of 8, was quite taxing on my secret anti-social side. This is a side "this group" doesn't know too much about, as I know them in both professional and personal ways, but definitely on a highly social butterfly assumption. I spent a lot of time plotting when I would be able to just be alone with my thoughts, soaking in all the beauty and seriously clean mountain air.

If only I could grace you with pictures. I'm sure it's nothing most of you haven't seen, I'm not a very well traveled person. This year, I feel incredibly lucky to have taken 2 trips within the continental US. I know I leave this trip a different person, which feels weird to say, but there were many conversations had that opened new doors and shut old ones, smashing barriers and just general bonding.

Things I accomplished while on this trip:

  • I didn't die on my solo plane ride and my bag was not lost.
  • I taught Nick how to roll a cigarette and salsa dance.
  • I had a great debate/conversation about the argument to raise kids religiously.
  • I found a 3.5 mile hike to be incredibly easy and desperately wanted more.
  • I cooked a meal for 8 and didn't hear any complaints.
  • I broke a plate, spilled bacon on the floor and wine on the carpet.
  • I had a Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter (my favorite) in Colorado where it is made.
  • I slept on a bunk bed that felt like a rock.
  • I got a manicure and a pedicure.
  • I managed to razor burn my legs so bad that I bought Preparation H and slathered it on. (it worked by the way)
  • I watched my good friend Nicole get married!
  • I danced with 2 men I didn't know and also started a "strut train."
  • I learned a lot about how good marriages function.
  • I sat in an outdoor hot tub, in a bikini, in front of strangers, in 42 degree weather.
  • I watched and simultaneously helped my friend Steph break her foot. (seriously)
  • I made it home safe.

From a weight loss standpoint, I did quite horribly. I'm not going to lie, this was a vacation for me. I ate and drank too much of everything that was available to me. I made bad choices before even considering the good ones, and I found it hard to be active while traveling as part of a varied group.

The hike we did go on was like a Kindergarten version of the hike I had envisioned in my head, though we did have to reassess when we realized the varying levels of fitness involved in our group. I also managed to get up on Saturday morning and put in a miniature work out at the hotel "gym," which involved 15 minutes on a Stairmaster and a short jog around the campus, and a miniature workout on Sunday morning at the condo, which involved my new jump rope routine, some random kickboxing and 4 laps around the condo community. The altitude at that location was still pretty new and I had a hard time getting much done or really pushing myself, so I gave up. On Monday we were helping Steph with her broken foot and trying to ease the illness that comes with percocet on an empty stomach.

We all made it back ok, though I had vowed not to do much emailing, etc while there out of respect for my traveling partners, because of this I missed notice that my co-worker and good friend Allysen's dad passed away. The service is tonight, so I will be missing my Weight Watchers meeting, which genuinely may be a good thing considering my gain last week. I know it's a bad frame of mind to think "sweet, I have a whole week to make up for it," but.... sweet. I have a whole week to make up for it.

I have been back on track since yesterday, when I was finally able to completely control my food intake again. I'm headed back to work for the first time, as I took yesterday off from office hours, opting to stay with Steph during the day. She mostly slept, so I was able to get a lot of work done from there, and also helped her shower and took her to a doctors appointment and the grocery store to get some essentials.

All in all, I'm doing and feeling great. I am back on track, and I feel rejuvenated. I know that I am just a few small steps from goal, and I'm going to take at least one of them this week!


Rebecca said...

oh Nic, I'm so happy you had a great time and perhaps this getaway was what you needed to get back in the right state of mind!

Lor said...

i'm glad you had a great time!! =] you can doooo it! :)

antgirl said...

Sounds like a grand trip. Glad you had a great time.

kristen said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your vacation the best way you knew how and it paid off! You have time to make up for the food stuff, it's all about balance. I've always wanted to go to Colorado, it must have been so gorgeous. You definitely did a lot!

totegirl said...

I feel your joy and I'm a fan! Hooray! And you have a whole week to make up for it! Yippee!

Nic, you rock! Good job on subverting the secret side, getting some blood rushing through those arteries, and just enjoying yourself.