Thursday, July 9, 2009

WWWWI 7/8/09

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In : 7/8/09

Last week's weight: 149.2lbs

This week's weight: 148.4lbs

I lost .8lbs!!! It's a miraculous thing, really. After 2 really large (to me) losses in the last two weigh ins, I still managed to pull out a really decent one! AND, now I only need to lose 1/2 a pound next week to meet my next milestone!

I can totally do this.

When I got to my meeting last night, my Leader wasn't there. It was some other lady, some lady I don't know, some lady who looked... boring. I know that's rude, I'm completely aware I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, so I took my regular seat and observed as meeting-go-ers came and went, leaving when they saw Diane was not present. Then, she spoke to a lady sitting near me, and I don't know if it was the shock of how different from Diane she was, or if I was just soured on the whole thing, but I couldn't stay for the meeting.

Justin had dropped me off, so I walked to our friends Jessi and Lucas' house where he had the car and the dog. It was nice to be able to get that measly mile in for my Run/Walk/Hike goal, which is sadly suffering in the face of total domination over all my other goals.

This is just a quick update so I could get my WI info up.


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Bare It All said...

Nice job!

kristen said...

Woohoo congrats! You totally can make it down 1/2lb by next week!

antgirl said...

Yaaay on the budge! You go!