Thursday, July 16, 2009

WWWWI 7/15/2009

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In : 7/15/09

Last week's weight: 148.4lbs

This week's weight: 151.0lbs

Ouch. 2.6lbs worth of bachelorette celebrations. To be honest, I genuinely expected it to be worse - there are quite a few things working against me here.

a) two Bachelorette parties, a fundraiser, and all day retreat with pastries

b) serious weight lifting workout on Tuesday

c) TOM in about 2 days

I'm not making excuses, oh no. I definitely deserved a gain. I ate 2 bagels with cream cheese this weekend, and it was awesome. They were not good choices, but who passes up bacon and scallion cream cheese? Not me. (apparently)

SO! The back on track train has left the station and is starting to speed up. I had a fantastic day yesterday, I'd love to show you all what I ate but apparently technology is against me this week., where I store my progress pictures, weight log, and goal tracking - changed their editting feature. Basically they made it stop working, which isn't as effective as when it used to work.

Also, my computer stopped reading my camera, as well as an discs or anything that would plug into the USB ports. The fact that I can even use this computer for anything other than a giant paperweight is pretty impressive considering it was new in 2000. That makes it vintage in computer years, antique even. It is worthless and I'm going to get a new one.

Because I'm constantly fascinated by how hard it is to peel off the pounds and how simple it can be to pack them right back on, I'm going to be 100% OP this week. GHGs, Activity, everything - everyday. If an event comes up, too bad, I'm prepared.

I need to get my butt to the grocery store.


totegirl said...

That's not a bad gain at all! And it will be gone by the end of this week if you are OP. I'd have to say that your weekend sounded worth it, so chin up, don't let the train derail, and all is good!

Sorry about your computer. I'm in the same boat. I have to use the one at work for my school work!

Bare It All said...

I think I would like to be OP every day this next week too. My weigh in day is tomorrow and I'm jsut not feeling it. Unlike you, however, I have no excuses!

antgirl said...

That gain is going to come right off once you go back to your healthy habits. It's hardly permanent, so don't stress so much over it. You had a good time and deservedly so. :)Don't beat yourself up for it. Just enjoy the memories and move on.

Rapunzel said...

You're right, it could have been much worse! Kudos to you for facing the scale and getting right back on track!