Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, yesterday's weigh in was a fantastic one. I lost an even 2 lbs, and I'm very happy about that. However, I managed to have a giant lapse last night (pizza and chocolate fro-yo) while thinking about my plan for the week, because it's going to be a tough one.

My birthday is on Saturday, which basically means that I will be wined and dined all weekend. Not that I'm complaining, I love that, I just also want to stay at least a little bit on track. I did manage to devise a plan for meals up until Friday night - first birthday dinner - to Saturday morning. I'm focusing more on finding opportunities for additional activity this weekend to sort of... help counteract the overindulging I know is going to happen.

The plan so far is to get my butt to Zumba at the Y tonight, hit the Y again in the morning for a spin class, take Jack to the dog park for a big long hike, walk the MOA in my search for "the perfect red lipstick," and then make it to Body Booty Camp at Flex Appeal on Saturday morning at 9:30am before the gang shoves off for a day of relaxing in the sun on the Cannon River.

I have a plan for dinner tomorrow night because I know where we're going, but the problem is the drinks. They have such delicious and sugary house-made juice and nectar drinks. I MUST HAVE THEM. (All of them.)

Ohhhh... please give me strength to survive this weekend and put in extra work next week to lose this last pound and make it to my THIRD TEN PERCENT goal. I just need ONE milestone to keep me going. Just one. I haven't gotten a 5lb star in 6 months. Give me a damn break.


Rebecca said...

awe....ill be thinking of you and because im gonna be gone...

Wishing you a Happy Early Birthday!!!

and I know you can do this! like you said, just try to workout some more!

antgirl said...

Happy Birthday!

Try not to fret too much and have some fun.

kristen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're taking a smart approach by incorporating more activity to help offset the indulgences. It's your birthday, and you deserve to treat yourself! Just try and keep in mind following Monday, and how you don't want to feel guilty for your decisions.

Del said...

drinks are always my downfall too! I go in with a plan to have one... but one usually turns into 2 and then 3, and by that time I forget that I'm on weight watchers in the first place! If you get in all your planned workouts, you'll be in pretty good shape, it;s your birthday, you should enjoy yourself. Good luck this weekend!!