Monday, July 6, 2009

Support Systems.

After weekends like this one, it's so easy for me to remember what fantastic friends and family I have surrounding me. I'm so incredibly lucky to know people who so readily support me in my quest for a healthier lifestyle - even when they may not be.

I found an envelope in my mailbox the other morning that simply said, "Nicole." I figured it was something from my Mom who works at the hospital 4 blocks away and will often stop over on her way home from work to see if I'm around to chat on the porch. I turned it over and found a message....

At this point, I had boiled it down to 1 of 3 people I know who can write in legible cursive. When I opened it up, I found a $45 gift certificate to The Refinery from my friend Jessi. I instantly started crying. I know that's kind of a lame response. It wasn't because I was sad or anything weird, but just totally elated. I spend a lot of time doing little things for people to make them feel special, and a lot of time helping them out of tough situations. I definitely get a lot back in return in the way of friendships, but I don't often get little surprises.

I was crying because I felt so special, so supported and so motivated that people believe I can do this. I also felt important, because the gift certificate was for the reward I had set for myself for getting under 150lbs again, which meant that someone was paying attention to where I am, where I'm going, and what I want in the meantime.

Having other people invested in your weight loss journey can push you so much further. Not because you don't want to disappoint them, but because they wouldn't want you to disappoint yourself.

Who knows about your goals? How can the people you love help you push yourself to the next level?

Will you let them?


totegirl said...

Oh Nic! That is fantastic! What a beautiful gesture. Of course I'll let them, and on the flipside, it's very important to me to pay attention to where other people are in their journey. And you are doing a great job. You inspire me daily!

kristen said...

That is so incredibly sweet! It's so nice when we receive such thoughtful gifts.

Those that are closest to me are aware of my goals (and my how my past has influenced them). Some people will make an effort to stay involved, while others will still show an interest and ask how I'm doing.

I love having people push me to the next level. Sometimes all it takes is just a little recognition of my efforts. Sometimes it's also just a simple compliment. We're our own worst critics, so it's nice to have others' support to remind us it's not always a race but a journey.

Lor said...

you can TOTALLY do it, girl! =]

is it weird that I almost started crying reading this post!? lol. i'm emotional this week! but this post made my eyes well! lol.

wow. i'm lame! :)

fattygetsfit said...

Thats a great story! It's nice when people notice how hard we work!

I think my "blog" friends are the only people who know my goals. No one else understands it.

antgirl said...

What a great thing and a great friend. * I'd blubber, too. :)