Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rambling on.

I spent a lot of time last night staring at the ceiling above my bed going over a discussion we had in my Weight Watcher's meeting last night. See, my meeting is very verbal. We tend to have a hard time actually discussing the topic and focus more on the people in the group and what they may or may not be going through.

One of the gentlemen in our group (of which there are few) brought up his extreme frustration with bouncing around the same 10 pounds for months. I can empathize, as I have been going through this for a year now and only recently have really been in loss mode again. There are a handful of people in our group who have been at WW for 3 or more years. These ladies had some positive things to say - mostly along the lines of "I set a goal, and I'm not going to quit."

While that's all fine and good, I didn't think that really offered a lot of tangible or mind-striking advice for him, and I can tell that he and I are a lot alike.

I voiced up, stating that whenever I get extremely frustrated - I go back to basics - because you simply can't quit something you aren't doing. When I'm bouncing around the same few pounds, chances are I'm not following the program. I'm going to meetings, I'm blogging, I'm [sometimes] tracking, but definitely not doing *what I'm supposed to do.*

I think this struck him, at least I hope so.

So many of us pretend to follow the program. We track, but leave things off. We eat well all week, binge on weekends. We move more, but overestimate calories burned. We don't measure portions, we estimate points.

The only way to seriously lose weight is to seriously try.

So I'm thankful that he brought this up, because it reminds me to get back to basics... yet again.

I think the death of my USB ports and the inability to use my camera as a tool in weight loss, which I've been so successful doing, has really put me in a weird state. My blog feels boring and lifeless without pictures, and I feel less accountable. If you can't see the oversized portions I'm eating, then I'm probably not really doing it, right?

It's time to get back on track with more than just this. I obviously need a new computer. I've been bitching about this one for 2 years. My computer is my brain. I organize everything here. If I were to lose it, I would feel lost, so I need to transfer all of this before it's gone forever. Besides, I can justify it since I work from home and my level of productivity and efficiency is way down due to the super slow factor.

New computer. New outlook.

It's time to make too big of a purchase for the better of my overall sense of well being.


totegirl said...

Yes. Make that purchase. Spend that money. You can't put a price on sanity!

antgirl said...

My last computer committed suicide last summer. It was a real tragedy. If nothing else, back up your files.

Lor said...

my computer is getting ready to bite the big one, too. she's only 3, but i've had a LOT of problems with her. it'd be cheaper to buy a new one than to have her fixed :(

you make excellent points.. points i need to follow. i've been eating like crap this week, and i need to knock it off. whip me into shape! :p

Del said...

Great job meeting your fitness goals!! you have inspired me to start setting smaller goals for myself, and it is totally working! Thanks!