Friday, July 17, 2009

Planning. Preparation. Peace.

Yesterday I completed a meal plan for the week, and grocery shopped based on the things I intended to cook and a few other staples. I feel incredibly prepared and ready to go.

My recent loss of the ability to upload photos is driving me batty. I can't show you the food I've been making, I can't hold myself accountable to my meal plan, and my blog is boring. My mission for the weekend is to find a reasonable deal on a new computer, because it truly is time.

I have a pretty busy and active weekend coming up, so I'm hoping to really rack in the activity points. I planned simple lunches that can be carried in my little lunch cooler so I will be able to stay on track wherever we end up.

These 2.6lbs are TOAST.


Rebecca said... and me both!!!

determined to show a loss on Monday and already have those AP's set aside!

have a good one!

antgirl said...

Planning helps me out a lot. I wouldn't know what to eat if I didn't plan it. LOL

Rapunzel said...

WTG on the meal planning, it really makes a big difference in my success, or lack thereof!

totegirl said...

Eff yeah!!!!

Del said...

I love that you plan out your meals for the whole week. I sometimes try, but it my plans always get derailed by tuesday, so I have pretty much given up. Thanks for inspiring me to start trying to plan again!