Tuesday, July 14, 2009


please. don't. quit.

Just a speedy check in to let you know that even though I'm insanely busy today, I am back on track. I've got 11 points left for dinner and I just earned 4 APs lifting at the gym plus a relatively quick 2 miles around the track.

I'm feel pretty good, but wholeheartedly realize I need to come up with a meal plan for the week as we are running out of food that constructs actual meals - and that's how things get dangerous.

I'll be back to regular posts soon.


Bare It All said...

Good work! Getting back on track is always tough. I've been making some WW recipes from online (shrimp scampi, tilapia with fruit salsa, blueberry pancakes) and feeling like I'm cheating... :) Good luck!

Lor said...

getting back on track is really hard, and you know that. But, it CAN BE DONE! :p Keep your head in the game! look at how far you've come! you're ALMOST THERE, i know you can do it!! :)