Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maintaining Never Felt So Sweet.

I stayed exactly the same. A whole weekend of birthday overindulgence, and I stayed the same.

The scale gods were smiling on me.

However, I'm disappointed in myself. NOT AT ALL for this lovely and fantastic weigh in, but because I drove to the meeting.


I drove because I was desperately in need of groceries. We're talking mustard sandwich needy, that would be if we even had bread. So, in lieu of my walking goal, I drove because I needed to shop. Activity isn't generally a problem for me, but food will be if I don't keep the kitchen stocked.

I'm comfortable with my decision, but realize that I just cut an entire day out of the month to help with this goal. I have 2 days to get in 5+ miles. I know that doesn't sound like much, but let me repeat again that I hate walking.

Tomorrow, when I'm at the gym killing myself on the StepMill for my Mt. Rainer project with Jessica, I will make an effort to run, but I do promise myself, at least 2 of these last 5 are going to be walking miles. I need to learn to like this. I do it all the time, it's how I get places. I appreciate it, now I need to enjoy it.


Bare It All said...

Walking with a friend that you have been wanted to catch up with really helps make walking great. Is there a friend you can get to walk with you? :)

Del said...

Awesome job this weekend!! you will find a way to get those 5 miles in!

Lor said...

if i lived anywhere NEAR you and not in IL, i would TOTALLY walk with you!

congrats on the maintain! you're SO close with your goals, and you can totally do it!