Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gold Star. Why This Week Rocked Even When It Was Rocky...

My Weight Watchers meeting is tonight and I couldn't be more excited. My fingers are crossed that I reach my 148lb goal, which would earn me the reward of having lost my THIRD 10% goal.

Thinking in those terms, I have really come a very very long way. I've made massive improvements in my health, fitness, stamina, and of course, as a bonus, in the way I rock a bathing suit.

Checking in on my goals this morning, I have either been overly ambitious in this first week of July, or perhaps set the bar too low. I haven't decided, but I'm not going to change my goals for the month because they are really inspiring me and driving me right now. Attaining them will feel great. Speaking of which, I completed one last night. I have tried 2 new classes at Flex Appeal this month. The first, a class called "Femme Fatale Fitness" which was really more of a modern dance class. Not really being into modern dance, I participated, but giggled my way through most of it. Last night, I made it to Pole Ballet. This class rocked my ass - quite literally. My butt hurts. My thighs hurt. My arms kind of hurt, and I had fun the entire hour.

Two years ago I would have been complaining that my muscles hurt. (I guess I'm sort of doing that now) It felt SO fantastic to engage muscles that aren't a part of my everyday routine. I was also surprised at how graceful I can be, which was not only encouraging, but pretty empowering.

On to the "Things I Did Right This Week."
  • Tracked EVERYTHING. Literally. From the tiny finger dip in the Greek yogurt to the full on drunk feast at White Castle. No underestimating. No erasing things from my tracker to pretend they didn't exist. I ate them. It happened. I've moved on.
  • Worked toward my goals! I've always been more of a "big picture" person, working around a bigger goal and not really setting smaller ones. You've seen in this blog the number of times I set goals or challenges for a week, mention them one more time and then they disappear. This week, I diligently kept track of where I was on each of my monthly goals and have been constantly thinking of ways to sneak in "extra credit."
  • Had fun in a healthy way! I didn't ruin my holiday weekend by eating tasteless "diet" food. I planned my meals well, chose suitable [read: delicious] replacements for full-fat items and I was active. I lived!

While I hope to see 148 pop up on the scale tonight, I'm not holding my breath. (or maybe I should? Do you think that would make me lighter?) I did use a lot of points on Thursday night. I tracked them all, and I'll just let you know that it took me 2 days of activity to get out of the red on that one. My body is very sensitive to binges and it's very easy for me to gain large amounts at once - even from one bad day.

If I gain tonight, I will still feel amazing that I survived 4th of July in a way that I am proud of and I will keep on trucking toward my goals.


Rebecca said...

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you tonight!!

Jessitracker said...

I'm so excited for you!

You're doing such a fantastic job and I'm really glad you're having fun with the dailymile tracking/monthly goals!

Rapunzel said...

wishing you luck tonight, that's quite an accomplishment!

kristen said...

Good luck tonight! Whether or not you hit 148, you DID hit other goals, and those are big non-scale victories.

I keep reading about these awesome classes you're taking, and it's inspired me to try new ones at my gym. They don't sound nearly as fun as the ones your place offers, but I'll be stepping outside my comfort zone nonetheless. :)

antgirl said...

Your class sounds fun. I love working new muscles. I've come to like being sore - means something is working.

Love your positive attitude! Tonight or not, you'll reach your goal.