Friday, July 31, 2009

Gold Star for Good Goals.

I completed my July goals! I managed to get the last 3 miles in today with a run around Lake Harriet, AFTER I was accosted at my mom's house and dragged to pilates with my sister. The only reason I was at my mom's house was because I had just finished strength training and stair climbing at the gym and I wanted her to look at my shoulder because it was sore.

So... lots of activity this morning, and all before NOON!

I'm extremely happy with the way my month went. I just finished making up my goal chart for August.
(click for larger view)
Walking around Lake Harriet inspired me today. We have such a beautiful lake system here in Minneapolis, (and MN, the land of 10,000 lakes) and I rarely venture to them. They're usually so congested with people - most of which are real athletes, running like the wind while I putter around the lake once to their 5 laps. Walking around the lake today reminded me that I don't really get out and do new things. I'll try something new here and there, and if I like it, it's my new "thing," and if I don't... I won't try anything new for a while.
Well that's a stupid way to live.
So I'm going to try to put myself out there more this month, but specific to fitness I will be walking and/or running around my 5 favorite Minneapolis Lakes.
In other news, my girlfriend Nicole is getting married in Colorado in 3 weeks. The original plan was to drive me, Eli and Justin there for the wedding since none of us have been to Colorado. However, as the date crept closer we had to admit the car is just not going to make it and we really can't afford it anyway. My heart was broken thinking about missing the wedding. I helped her shop for a wedding dress for god's sake.
Just yesterday I decided it's not an option for me to miss this wedding and brought it up to Justin. It means too much for me to miss. At first he was offended, thinking I just didn't want him to come or to go as a family, until I explained the tally I made of how much it would cost for us to either rent a car, drive there, hole up in a hotel and eat out for 4 days and/or fly there, etc etc etc. It was over $1,500.
I found myself a ticket for $178, and I'll be flying out on Friday August 14th. I have not been on a plane alone in more than 8 years. I'm very excited to spend time with my new friends and explore a state I've never seen.
In the mean time, I've got to get to work on losing at least 1lb this week so I can get my eyebrows waxed. They are driving me NUTS and that's my next reward. Eyebrows and a pedicure thanks to my wonderful friend Jessi and her fabulous salon gift certificate that has been anxiously awaiting to be redeemed for almost 2 months.
COME ON POUNDS, get off me!


totegirl said...

What a great reward! Dude, you've just inspired me AGAIN!

I'm so very glad you get to attend the wedding! You couldn't miss it. :o)

Bare It All said...

I love your lake goal! I may have to find a way to incorporate something like that into my August goals. It makes working out so much more fun.

Yeah for CO! I've lived here for 5.5 years now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You will have a blast and hopefully our weather will cooperate. Will you be in Denver? If so, I'm happy to recommend some good walking spots. :)

Doug said...

When I lived in the twin cities I loved running around the lakes.

So much nicer...

antgirl said...

Oooo! Lovely reward.

The outdoors is great. We don't have much water here in the desert, but I'm up in the mountains a lot.