Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gearing up.


Last night pushed me over on 2 of my July Goals. I finished up the biking miles AND the Activity Points. Between riding to the studios, cleaning nonstop, taking Power Pole about 4 minutes after I drained the mop water and then riding directly home - I burned more than 1,400 calories.

I rewarded myself when I got home with a Crispin Light. If you don't know about Crispin, it's delicious. The Light variety is only 2 points per bottle. It's all natural hard apple cider that's more dry than sweet so it's more like a very apple-y Chardonnay. YUM.

I had a leftover sloppy joe for dinner and some yogurt with banana and granola for dessert.

I'm extremely satisfied with the way my day went yesterday because it could have been a disaster. I was out of the house for nearly 13 hours.

Tonight is my Weight Watchers meeting, and as I mentioned yesterday, I plan to walk there. Normally, I ride my bike, but I still need walking miles to complete my goal and I'm really (really) trying to like walking. I've just never enjoyed walking recreationally. It's boring and I like to get places faster than that.


totegirl said...

Eff yeah! Great job woman!

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