Friday, July 10, 2009


Ok Ladies, I'm slipping. For the last 2 nights, I've been sneaking, going off the meal plan, "treating myself." I HAVE, however, been tracking it.

Which is why I know I'm down to 10 flex points and only 7 APs as I walk into this weekend's TWO bachelorette parties, a fundraiser and an all day Board of Directors retreat.

This crazy weekend schedule leaves limited time for gathering extra activity, and at the same time fosters a toxic environment for over-indulging.

....and I don't have a plan to conquer it.

My PLAN was to be super duper OP on Wednesday and Thursday, so by the time TODAY rolled around I'd be sitting pretty with my APs and my Flex points. But that is not the case, so that can not be the plan.

I redesigned my meal plan to be mostly filling foods today with lots of lean protein to keep me full. I have allotted myself a certain number of points for drinks (c'mon! My girlfriend is getting MARRIED) and fully intend to dance my heart out like I need the exercise [because I kind of do].

Tomorrow's bachelorette party is a lot more chill. The bride-to-be is also 5 months pregnant, so I won't be too tempted by sugary cocktails. We'll be on a boat, so I've decided I am going to pack a cooler for myself with fruit, a sandwich, and some yogurt as well as a portion of almonds to grab when the snacks start getting passed around.

THEN, tomorrow night I'm attending a fundraiser, Bowling in Ball Gowns, to help my friend reach her goal for walking the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Her teams name is "Tanks for the Mammaries." I'll be decked out in a prom-dress, hopefully bowling well. I don't intend to drink at this event, and I will have a few hours at home before it to prepare a healthy and filling dinner.

Sunday is, as of yet, unplanned. No escape route, sitting in a board room from 9a-4p on a beautiful weekend day. However, the "party" moves to my backyard around 4:30p where we will grill. That I CAN control. I also intend to make sangria to have on hand, and push it on all the others so I only get my one glass.

Any tips for this schedule? I feel very nervous, and of course - guilty that I disregarded my original plan (which was a good one) and am now facing the consequences.

I want to take this seriously!



Rebecca said...

i really have no advice.

especially since when i plan on not drinking, i usually change my mind half way through.

all i can say is...good luck! ill keep my fingers crossed you make it through the weekend!

kristen said...

Okay, this is a tough situation to be in, but it's real life and it happens. You don't want to deprive yourself of a good time either. These are the "rules" I try to follow when I know I'm going to have a busy weekend...

-drinks: flavored vodka and seltzer are low-point (I prefer Stoli blueberry or raspberry) It's not too sweet but has a nice hint of flavor..and you don't have to drink too many to feel a nice buzz!

- DANCE YOUR HEART OUT to earn some APs :)

- I love your idea for the bachelorette party on the boat, can you bring a small baggie of snacks for the first party as well, in case they order fried, fatty appetizers? Same goes for the fundraiser? (I LOVE that idea btw)

- Bring a bottle of water or Crystal Light to the bowling alley, in case people start passing pitchers of beer around.

- chew gum! Once one piece loses its flavor, spit it out and pop in a new one. I usually don't like to "waste" a new piece of gum, and it'll keep me from snacking of finger foods.

- arm yourself with healthy, portable snacks at the retreat as well. buy extra fruit so you can make a big fruit salad (after the sangria is made, of course).

antgirl said...

Just do your best and balance having a good time.

Kristen's ideas are good.

Lor said...

update update! how'd you do!? :)