Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ok gang,

A few of you actually went out of your way - on this blog and off - to get details on how I did this weekend. a) I'm touched you cared. b) By now you know, with the trend of not updating when I get busy, and I've been busy for 4 days.

I blew it.

Friday I actually had a plan, sort of. My plan was to have a beginning drink, and then drink water at every bar we "hopped" to with Bachelorette Party #1 (BP1), until we landed somewhere with something I had either never had, or when we were settled up for dancing.

That plan sort of failed from the very beginning when the first place we met brought me 2 mojitos when I only ordered one. 2-4-1s... always a danger zone. There was also champagne, and creme brulee, and then more sugary cocktails. It was just too late, and I love my girlfriend and wanted to celebrate and have fun with her.

However, the positive spin is that I rode my bike even though I was wearing giant high heels and giant stovepipe high waisted trousers that I pulled all the way up over my thighs to my crotch, and we did end up going dancing and I danced my little heart out for over an hour.

(BP1 - that's me in the middle)
The next day, at Bachelorette Party #2 (BP2) [which began approximately 5 hours after BP1 ended], I got up and ran. On 4 hours of sleep. That deserves applause people.
Then, my girlfriend Jessi and I headed to the co-op beforehand to collect some healthy snacks. I picked up the almonds that I love, as well as bananas and a non-fat yogurt for breakfast. We drove out to Lake Minnetonka feeling pretty confident.
And actually, I was very good while on the boat, until another friend showed up late and we docked to get her. She had basically brought a gourmet bar with her (she's a mixologist) and started making me all these delicious juice concoctions... which I drank. At least they were straight up MADE from fruit - that morning - in her kitchen.
I was also good at the BBQ attached to BP2, having a chicken breast and some low-fat potato salad that another weight conscious friend made, in addition to a ton of watermelon.
I ended up getting so sunburned on the boat that I fell asleep almost as soon as I got home, skipping the fundraiser I was worried about for Saturday night. Though I did wake up around midnight and eat a Lean Cuisine pizza and a bunch of ice cream (and peanut butter).
It really all fell apart on Sunday though.
I had an all day retreat for the Board of Directors that I sit on. People brought breakfast. People's idea of breakfast is delicious sugary elephant ears. I brought yogurt! But I ate elephant ears. ... AND yogurt! and more elephant ears. AND actually some more yogurt.
We ate Thai for lunch, and I was not the one ordering.
And then I had a few beers, which is highly unlike me, but everyone else was doing it... so...
I did actually share the beer with the girl sitting next to me, and I drank out of a really tiny coffee/tea cup, so I think I probably had one whole beer in total when you add up my tiny cup.
Either way, because I ate so poorly on Sunday and didn't have a chance to exercise, I also did poorly on Monday. I started with a solid breakfast of yogurt and banana with my coffee, and I ate a salad for lunch, but I had completely forgotten about another BBQ, this one for Justin's workplace.
I did fill my plate with 1/2 grilled veggies before anything else went on it, but I definitely didn't make very smart choices.
I'm a little terrified to step on the scale, but despite the fact that it was ultra-stressful, I really did have a great time.
I AM back on track, I just might not see it on the scale this week.


Rapunzel said...

Sounds like the kind of weekend I had as well; I had good intentions and tried to plan and track but fell off the wagon somewhere around Saturday at midnight. ;-)

Good for you for being back on track, though!

Rebecca said...

seriously... how often do your girlfriends married!?

hopefully not too often so enjoy the weekend for what its worth.

and if its any consolation....you looked fabu in the first picture!!!

katyhaltertop said...

Hot damn, those pantalones are smokin! Where can I get me a pair of those sexy pants? Your girlfriends are adorable, but you stole the thunder from them in that pic.

Way to get up and run on Sat and way to make healthy choices among the not so healthy ones.

Don't worry about the scale, you'll even it out in the end.

kristen said...

The important thing to focus on is that you did make a few smarter, healthier choices. It could have been much worse! Sometimes it's just easier to throw caution to the wind and immerse ourselves in the good time. However, the risk has to be worth the consequence, and if you're okay with that, then there's nothing wrong with starting with the new day. :)

And as everyone else has said, you look GREAT in that photo! Lovin' the whole outfit!

antgirl said...

It's not as if your best friends are getting married all of the time. So, relax. You'll get back on track and things will go well.

You look fantastic in the picture, I must add. :)