Monday, June 29, 2009

This Week : Menu Disection.

Alright gang, I had a rough week. I dislocated some ribs and was unable to exercise. I let myself play the victim, ate too much and didn't track. Justin and I also had the (rare) opportunity to spend a lot of time together, paired with the fact that we did not have any food in the house, so we went out to eat.

A lot.

And I ate too much, and here I am feeling sorry for myself. Wah wah.

But, I am back on track, and this week, I'm going to try an experiment.

I sat down last night and planned my menu, and today we finally got our lazy butts to the grocery store. Not only was I able to put together a huge variety of meals, but also cut $100 off the grocery bill by looking at the store's circular beforehand to plan meals around veggies and proteins that were on sale. *BONUS* I always forget to do this and had never really considered how much it actually saves. Apparently, a lot.

So, because I always make a meal plan but don't always follow it, this week I'm adding the extra accountability I need.

I'm sharing my meal plan with you.

Every night, I will spell it all out right here. When I come back to update, I'll fill you in on what I actually ate, how well I stuck to it, or where I went wrong (if I go wrong) and why.

I feel like this will be a fantastic experiment to help me determine some of my everyday triggers that really throw me off course. These are the things I need to tackle right now, because I'm genuinely motivated to do this, but "things" just keep getting in the way.

I cleaned the studios at Flex Appeal today without sustaining any injuries. I'm cleared to go back to work and also to go back to exercise as usual within my comfort range. YES! Just in time for Power Pole Fitness tomorrow!

Tuesday's Meal Plan

B: Light and Fit Vanilla Yogurt (2) + Bear Naked Fit Granola (2) + Coffee with 1/2 cup 8th Continent Light Vanilla soy milk (.5) 4.5 [ 2 dairy ]

S: Banana (2) 2 [ 2 fruit ]

L: Turkey Sandwich on Arnold Sandwich Thin (3) + 1/4 avocado (2) + spinach (0) + spicy horseradish mustard (0) with baby carrots (0) and 2 tablespoons roasted red pepper hummus (1) 6 [ whole grains, 2 veggie ]

D: Chicken Marengo (5) + Spinach Salad with Newman's Own Light Spritzer + 1 teaspoon olive oil (1) 6 [ 2 veggie, lean protein, 2 oil ]

S: 1/2 Grapefruit; broiled with 1 tsp honey and sprinkle of brown sugar (1.5) 1.5 [ 1 fruit ]

Total Points : 20*

*technically my daily points target is 22 points, however, I like to leave some room for error and consider the additional 2 "free points" to be built into my meal plan to be used at my discretion.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures and an update of how well I stick to my plan!


antgirl said...

Glad you are starting to feel better.

Maybe it's the heat. I've been a little lackluster myself.

Rebecca said...

how much more would yuo like to lose?

i thought an even 100 right? i think you look great..have you ever considered changing your final goal weight?

not trying to cause waves...just curious!

Del said...

I also often make a weekly meal plan, but never stick with it. Great idea to make yourself more accountable! Maybe I'll try that next week.

nic said...

Meps: I think it's just Summer in general.

Rebecca: NO WAY! If I had been trying to lose 100lbs, I'd only be half way there and I'm pretty sure my skeleton weighs more than 100. I was going for an even 65, so I have 15 more to go.

Del: if you try it, I'll hold you to it!

Rapunzel said...

So sorry about your injury but glad you're feeling better!

WTG on the meal planning, it really makes a difference for me!