Monday, June 15, 2009

Revisiting Portion Size.

While I've been back on track this week, I've been reacquainting myself with my measuring utensils. When I first rejoined Weight Watchers, I wanted to arm myself with everything I would need to start cooking again: Cookbooks, a decent set of nonstick pans, and of course - the measuring cups. I opted to buy "cute" ones, despite the fact that I already had a perfectly functional set. For some reason, adorable colors really motivate me (Like with the new dry erase board and markers).

I have been pouring and packing and sifting and dumping my food into and out of these little cups, and my standard glass measuring cup for the last week. It's been eye opening to say the least. It's amazing how after THIS long, I still can't eyeball a serving (though I can get pretty close).

It's interesting, because this morning I ran across this article which explains the link between the mind and your portion size when it comes to "diet" food.

The researchers, who studied the responses of 76 people to 18 different
foods, found that people quickly learnt if food offered fewer calories per
serving and upped their portion size to compensate. "We know from experimental
studies that eating large portions does not necessarily mean that you eat less
at a subsequent meal, so this can lead to an increase in calorie intake
overall," Ms Miles said.

It makes sense, as I do this with fruit all the time. I could sit and eat an entire 2lb bag of grapes with no problem whatsoever. I do, however, feel that would be a smarter choice than eating say... an entire bag of chips, but the idea behind it is the same. It is so simple to take in more calories than we think. This is why we track. This is why we measure. These are the steps that need to go into your weight loss journey to guarantee success on the scale rather than frustration.

If you need free resources for how or where to track your caloric intake, check out SparkPeople or BellaOnline.


kristen said...

I track my food using Sparkpeople, it's very comprehensive. I still try to measure out as much as possible...especially when I'm hungry because it's then when my eyes are feeling generous in terms of serving size.

Not to mention, the cuter the tools, the better! We all need our eye candy. :)

Lor said...

wow. these last few posts have been a-may-zing. i really like the back-to-basics feel. no matter how long we've been following, no matter how second nature the basics might become, it's nice to see them, read them, put them down.