Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recommitment Week in Review

I'm celebrating a week well done.

I veered from my meal plan a few times this week, but overall, I feel as though I made really healthy choices. I did go out to dinner with the boys and dancing with the LBDs on Friday, so that led to some over indulgence, but I had mostly planned for it.

Things I did right this week
+ Got in every GHG, every day
+ Drank all my water before any other beverage (coffee not included)
+ Earned over 25 APs (my goal) by 11 APs!

I'm still feeling extremely positive and motivated. I'm hopeful for a great loss at my meeting tomorrow, and I'm exceptionally proud that I've managed to stay off the scale all week. No peeking at all!

Goals for the New Week
+ Attempt to eat only APs that were earned that day (via old Flex Plan*)

*The WW Plan when I was just beginning was called the Flex Plan (versus the Momentum Plan) and the activity situation helped to keep me in control. You were only allowed to eat the Activity Points that you earned ON the day you earned them. It was motivation to get out there and exercise if you were planning a bigger dinner or some drinks out. It helped to curb my laziness on some days.

Here's to another great week.


Rebecca said...

That is fabulous!!!

I did the one free trial week last week and I have to say...did fabulous!!

I love what WW has done to their new e-Tools. I cant wait to sign back up when I get back from vacation!!

Keeping those fingers crossed that the scale gods are smiling on you tomorrow!!

kristen said...

I'm sure all your hard work will pay off! You definitely deserve the celebration, you should be very proud. :) I look forward to reading about how you did at WW!

Lor said...

awesome, awesome, awesome! I am totally recommitting this week!!! =]

i can't wait to find out how you did! GREAT JOB!

antgirl said...

A woot wooot wooooot for you! Keep it up!

nic said...

Thank you ladies! It helps so much to have your encouragement!