Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picture Show.

The meeting last night ended up being pretty much tailored to my needs, which simply proves that my leader is just fantastic. Our original topic was to be on easy ways to fit in fitness and strategies to exercise for free - however we genuinely never talked about it. It just sat on the whiteboard while we talked about ways to stay on track, ways to get back on track, and general tips for success.

The weird (and delightful) thing about my Weight Watchers meeting is the pure size of it. It literally is a huge meeting. There are never enough chairs and people are waiting to weigh in throughout the whole of it, but they come for Diane.

I mentioned to her during my WI that I was struggling. REALLY struggling to stay on track. I would have one or two great days, and then I would fall off the face of the sane-eating earth. We sat down and talked about a few things I could do and she complimented on the fact that while I might think I'm struggling, I've been maintaining, which is tough and means that what I'm doing has purpose. I appreciated that compliment, but I don't want to maintain, I want to finish losing.

Sitting with Kelly in the meeting, I think we both really realized and admitted that we are gambling with the scale each week. We might get angry if we gain, but we're doing nothing (food-wise) to counter-act that. We are eating how we like and exercising regularly.

However, this week, I am going to see a loss, because I am going to work for it.

I readied myself by grabbing some tools that will set me up for success.

Weight Watchers 3 Month Tracking Journal - $5.95

I plan to utilize this written journal to keep serious accountability. There is room to track notes, there are inspirational quotes and a section to set goals for the week.

Dry Erase Weekly Calendar Board + Miniature "Hungry" magnet $15 total

The dry erase board has cute colors, I know that is a stupid reason, but I'm motivated to be organized by color, so this will really help me. Additionally there is a "Notes" section where I can write "Ooopsies," start a grocery list or... just make notes. The "Hungry" magnet is something funny to look at to remind me that I don't need to be in the fridge all the time. He's kind of creepy, it's been working so far.

The goal for the week is simply to track everything. I've been doing well so far. Last night, I made yogurt and honey for dessert, but ended up also eating a coconut bar. A few weeks ago, I would have just left the coconut bar off my tracker, embarrassed that I went back for seconds, but that only screws me. No one else really cares what I eat.

I have made some mini-goals to go along with my overall Tracking Goal. They are simply to start taking my vitamins again (which I stopped doing when I ran out of my last bottle because they're very very expensive, but I bought more yesterday and plan to use them), and focus on water intake, which is something I've been very poor about remembering lately.

Kelly and I also decided that for more accountability, we would start checking in with each other on Monday mornings, and with this weeks goal of Track Everything, we will show each other what we've been up to, whether that's nothing (not tracking) or everything (eating the whole house) it will be there and we'll have to fess up. No guilt or judging involved, I think we're both very comfortable together so this will be a really good work pal for me.

While my family and friends are still very supportive, none of my previous support systems understand where I'm at right now. They've either given up on or completed their journeys... so I felt kind of lost and alone.

Anyhow.. inspired by Jessica, here are a few things I've been up to lately.

Made my Dad desserts for his birthday. WW friendly carrot cupcakes + angel food cake with strawberries.

Co-sponsored an annual conference with a group I work with.

Participated in a parade.

And hosted out of town guests (which is where the cheese/mayo sub came into play).

I'm psyched and pumped about this new plan. I feel like we're starting off easy enough, I have the tools and I've already mentally told myself I would be gentle [with myself].


Jessitracker said...

Haha that magnet is cute!

Also, those cupcakes look awesome!

antgirl said...

Eating what you like w/o gain and maintaining is something.

I understand your frustration, however. I've been at a plateau / impass for soemtime too.

Finally getting some budges. Hope you get one soon.

Mmmm on the cake and cupcakes.