Monday, June 22, 2009


I am crabby today. I'm just warning you.

I'm having my monthly meeting with the Feminine Hygiene corporation, and it's also 90 degrees and 97% humidity outside. I stepped out on the porch this morning to find that one of the neighbor's friends locked their bike to my bike, meaning I will have to drive to my weekly check in with Kelly and miss out on an extra AP or 2 for the ride. I am bloated and my shorts don't fit.

Now, on to the positive stuff.

I had a fantastic weekend. I wish I could say I was totally OP, but unfortunately I wasn't. I did make some poor choices, like the double batch of Sangria I drank on Saturday night, but most of it was counter-acted with 15 miles of walking on Saturday in the hot hot heat. I DID get to spend a large amount of time with a lot of my most favorite people, and in the grand scheme of things - this is what's really important.

I dropped off from tracking around Saturday afternoon and am only now picking it back up. I feel horrible about this, given that I set really simple goals for myself, tracking everything being one of them and I let the ball drop. The important part is that I'm back on it today, and will stay on it. No need to dwell on the mistake.

I planned out my meals through Wednesday night, trying to leave some extra room to create a bit more of a deficit for the mistakes I made over the weekend, but completely realizing that it's hard enough to eat what little points I'm "allowed" already. If I eat them all, I will feel fine because I know that's what I should do. I shouldn't cheat the plan. One week is one week. If I stay on track, it will just show up at the next weigh in, and I can wait. It's not a race.

I hope you all made it through the weekend with success. Here's to a great week.

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