Friday, June 12, 2009

Mindful Eating. Monitoring Myself.

I am proud to say I was 100% OP yesterday. I managed to fit in all the GHG (good health guidelines) as well as TONS of water. I basically just made smart choices all day, even when faced with temptation...

During a chat with the Teacher after my class last evening, she basically said something along the lines of "You have weak arms," and it really hurt me. I wanted to grab my InBody Analysis and shove it in her face so that the ink that states that my arms are in the 120th percentile for my age/body type sticks to her forehead. I wanted to put her in a headlock and squeeze so that my bicep punched her in the nose.

I was A N G R Y !

It's a stupid thing to be angry about, but I just finished her extremely difficult class, which mostly feels hard because I still don't really understand how to hold the resistance band comfortably while doing the exercises, and she doesn't really take time to explain it. Otherwise, it just feels like a really good "push yourself" workout. I kind of wanted to tell her that I'd be glad to take it easy in her class, but that's not the approach I take to fitness. Just because I'm grunting doesn't necessarily mean I'm struggling, rather that I'm trying to give it my all - which, as a fitness instructor, should be what you look for in a student. And then you should encourage them and not say stupid things like "Nice weakling arms."* I didn't though, I just walked away.

(*That is totally not what she said. She's also a fantastic teacher, and she was frustrated because only 3 of us showed up for her class, and because I work for trade, only 2 paying customers were there... policy for the teachers is that 3 paying customers must show up to class or they do not get paid. It sucks, but it's a small business and encourages the teachers to assist with marketing. The cooler part is that she taught the class anyway. So she's a good lady, she just pissed me off.)

So as I'm leaving the class, ANGRY and TIRED, the opportunity to play Scrabble at Pizza Luce with Jessi and Lucas arose. I'm trying not to eat out, and I pretty much NEVER eat Luce to begin with because I've done nothing but smell it for 6 years, but I accepted, sat on the patio, drank WATER and ordered a salad when that jealous feeling started to rise in my throat. Jealous because other people were eating and I wasn't... jealous, when sat on for a while, mixed with a little bit of actual hunger.

Garden Salad, no croutons, white balsamic on the side. I did the fork dip trick and made it out of there only consuming 1 point. That's pretty good for sitting on a bar patio for over an hour.

Being more mindful of WHY I eat has helped even in the last 24 hours.

After my lunch yesterday, I wanted dessert. Why? Because that's just what I do. Did I really want it? Not really, I just wanted something a little bit sweet, so I poured myself a small glass of Crystal Light. It did the trick.

Checking in with your hunger is essential to weight loss. Being honest with yourself will help you to decide if you really want that burger at the BBQ. Is it the last burger anyone is ever going to offer you? No. So wait on it.

How do you monitor yourself?

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antgirl said...

I used to get jealous, too. I don't anymore. I realized that if they keep eating that way, they'll end up where I was or with some other common disease that plagues the population. Even if it never shows up on their outside, it will show up on their insides.

Normal is not healthy. I realized that. Why do they work so hard to make us think that unhealthy is normal? At either rate, I'm glad I broke from the food industry's manipulations.