Thursday, June 25, 2009

Embarrassing Injury.

So, I've been on the injured list. Technically, I've been in horrible pain beginning on Tuesday morning. I went to my favorite class and worked through it, just like I said I would.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, it was really too much. I couldn't sit straight, I couldn't bend, I couldn't do anything. I was so SICK of this gigantic swollen muscle in my back. It was protruding and hard as a rock.

Muscles usually aren't hard as a rock.

...but ribs are.

I dislocated 3 ribs, and that's what was sticking out of my back. I also sprained and strained all the muscles surrounding that particular area because I thought "working through the pain" was a good idea. [note: usually it is. If you have a pulled muscle and are an otherwise active person, it's very important to maintain a certain level of activity rather than lay around on the couch. Your muscles will seize even harder that way...]



They're back where they are supposed to be thanks to a FANTASTIC chiropractor recommendation from a girlfriend.

The reason why this injury is embarrassing is because it happened while I was MOPPING. Not while I was running like the wind, or kicking a boxing bag or lifting 800 pounds.


I am always extremely aware of form while I am exercising or lifting, but in my daily life - I have pretty poor posture when I do anything. But I won't anymore.

Operation: Perfect Posture has begun, it's inspiration is the fact that it hurts to slouch right now, but will continue to be a challenge to really work my core muscles so that this won't happen again (even though the Doc assured me it will; it's a repeat injury from breaking the same ribs when I was in a car accident around 10 years ago).

Enough about that. It is time to RESET my weekly goals because while I'm still going to exercise this week, I am supposed to be *careful* for about 2 weeks, and be mindful for the remaining 4 weeks, because apparently sprains/strains take 6 weeks to fully heal.

+ New AP goal: 15

+ New Miles goal : 15

I still intend to track everything and I am also reformulating my meal plan to make up for the fact that without the level of activity I am accustomed to, I truly don't have the room to screw around. I need to plan it out, and follow it EXACTLY. And that's what I intend to do.

Any tips or tricks for staying on track when you're injured?

As an aside, I did go to my WW Meeting last night, but decided against weighing in. I knew that I had a horrible week and the week before was just so amazing and I was really feeling back on track yesterday. I didn't want to ruin my momentum by seeing a gain on the scale, so I took a pass. But I went to the meeting! So that counts for something right? I wasn't just denying WW all together. Either way, unfortunately, the meeting was less about strategies and more about day dreaming what we would do if we had an extra hour in a day. Sorry, ladies. I didn't get any good tips for you, but I'm going to do some brainstorming and write a blog post soon about how I stayed organized during a particularly crazy day (Like next Tuesday will be).


kristen said...

Who would have thought?? At least you were able to pinpoint when it happened. Do you have stationary bikes you can use at the gym? I would imagine those don't impact your upper body as much as running or the elliptical would. You could also use some light weights for your arms while you're on there (or even in the evening while watching tv). I'm not too familiar with rib injuries so I don't really know what would be considered harmful.

Take care of yourself though! Make sure you're fully healed before you go out and earn those extra APs.

Lor said...

JEEESH!!!! well, no freakin' wonder, girl! yikes! i hope you get better, and SOON!

i'm not one to give advice on how to stay on track when injured.. that's in part what made me fall off the wagon. I went from gymmin' it 6/7 days a week, to nothing. :/

i'd walk at a decent pace, maybe work your arms? stationary bike sounds like a good idea, although they do NOTHING for me. just hang in there. true, you want to stay active, but you also need to let yourself heal, or there isn't much point, you know? hang in there! :)

antgirl said...

Owwww! Take care of you. Maybe just something light, like walking for now ... blinking? I'd ask the doctor really. You don't want to make that worse.

See, housework is evil.

fattygetsfit said...

When I've been injured, I do a Pilates DVD that lets me strrreeetttccchhh out and still tone up. But you look pretty buff so I don't know if that helps.