Monday, June 22, 2009

Checking In (not out).

My check in with Kelly definitely gave me the boost I needed to be back on track.

We met at Common Roots, one of my favorite cafes. I had an iced skim latte and a big bowl of fruit laced with poppy seed and maple. It was delicious and quite the excellent start to what has been a totally ON track day.

She really let me vent about the things that were the root causes of my mishaps over the weekend. It's such a fantastic privilege to have someone who truly listens. I hope that I'm at least 20% of that to her as she is to me.

I also just got back from Flex Appeal, where I was cleaning. (Lucikly, whichever d-bag from upstairs locked to my bike had finally decided they should go home.) Last week, I started wearing my HRM (heart rate monitor) for my shift and realized that mopping floors is really quite a workout. This time around I earned 8 APs, and I'm happy with that for the day, though I've made a "date" with the dog to get him out for a walk once the sun goes down. It is oppressively hot today and I've been trying to keep his outside time to a minimum.

Tonight, Justin and I are having the obligatory "dinner with the parents." Originally, we suggested Blue Door Pub, where they have the best burgers in town, but that was before I made some bad choices over the weekend. I want to revoke the invitation to Blue Door, and we'll see how that goes. I know I need to watch it tonight, and honestly, I'm a little nervous. As someone who eats out a lot, it never loses it's novelty. I genuinely love food, I especially love good food, and even more so love NEW good food.

I just hope we can figure out where we're going before we leave so I have a chance to peruse the menu and make a concrete plan.

Wish me luck!


fattygetsfit said...

umm seriously, thank you for finding me. i too, was too close to two hundred at one time.

i am insanely inspired by your pics.

keep up the awesome work!

Jessitracker said...

Good luck!

Although, I'm sure you won't even need it.

I'm glad to hear your day got better.